Top 10 Executive Protection Companies

As a separate branch in the private security world, Executive Protection aims to provide security to the top names in many fields of life – the VIPs, using special techniques and procedures that might not be common to other ordinary security services. With the huge number of VIPs present today, mainly actors, politicians, athletes, and founders of big companies, executive protection companies are becoming a norm. 

But this abundance can also create hurdles for anyone to choose the best among the bunch. And in matters such as this, where important human lives are at stake, a mishap in selecting the best security can be detrimental.

With this point in mind, we set ourselves to finding the best executive protection companies and have found the top 10 that we think might be perfect for everyone’s needs. When it comes to executive protection agencies providing the best security guard services in Sandiego CA, the Professional security Guard Company Inc. is the top one. However, for other areas, you can consult the listicle below:

List Of Top Executive Protection Agencies

The top 10 executive protection companies, in our opinion, are listed below, and we are sure that you will be able to find the best one for your security needs. 

  • AS Solutions
  • Northcott Global Solutions 
  • Gavin de Becker & Associates
  • DynCorp International
  • GardaWorld
  • Focus Point
  • Pinkerton Government Services
  • The Senaca Group
  • Unity Resources Group
  • TSU Protection Services

Curious about the working and services of each? Stick around to the end to find the complete info about them. 

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Top 10 Executive Protection Companies 2022

AS Solutions

Established in 2003, AP Solutions has made its mark as one of the best executive protection agencies by providing all-around security and secure transportation services. Their rise to fame in such a short amount of time is not surprising since they value the lives, and well-being of their clients and combine experience with expertise to provide exceptional security.

Some of their most well-known programs include:

  • Corporate training and investigations
  • Complete security analysis and solutions 
  • Travel security and assistance

Northcott Global Solutions

This company is based in London, UK and is famous for providing 24/7 security and assistance, so that they can cover all times of the day and week, and can promptly respond to any emergencies, which know no time. This round-the-clock security and the wide range of security services offered make Northcott a well-loved executive protection agency.

Some of the services that make Northcott well-known among the people include:

  • Medical aid and security assistance 
  • Rapid emergency response protocols
  • Crisis aversion and management 

Gavin de Becker & Associates

This California-based company is one of the oldest names in the executive security industry. It has stood the test of time by handling many national security problems and finding solutions. The company is famous among the American security provision giants like the CIA and the Department Of Justice, who wholeheartedly recommended it. If this is not what makes you trust their legitimacy and expertise, we don’t know what will.

With their broad range of security services, they have become one of the top executive protection companies in America. Some of these services which make the company the staple choice for American national security include:

  • New and updated strategies to neutralize unknown threats
  • Home security services
  • Public appearance security coverage 

DynCorp International

This company is even older than the previous company and has seen and done it all. With readiness at the centre of their services, they have made their mark on the global security scene by delivering prompt and round-the-clock protection. They have provided security services to many government, military, and private firms through their global reach. One unique point about DynCorp is their commitment to using veterans in their services, as about 85% of their hirings are veterans. 


Based in Quebec, this private security company has a global reach and has provided its services in many countries, especially in the Gulf region. They are famous for providing security to elites and business giants. They specialize in:

  • Adequately trained and low-profile bodyguards 
  • Assessing and handling high-risk conditions

Focus Point

This US-based company has many worldwide offices and operates in all 5 continents. One remarkable thing about this company is that it can readily cooperate with other security companies and personnel at the job site so that adequate coverage is maintained and the slightest possibility of risk is averted without mishap. 

Some of the areas where the company specializes include:

  1. Risk assessment and prevention
  2. Crisis prevention
  3. Emergency evacuation and hostile elimination

Pinkerton Government Services

The well-known spy and detective Allan Pinkerton was the one to found this company and make it one of the top executive protection companies in a short amount of time. This company is also very old and has been around since the 1950s. The company’s motto, “We Never Sleep,” fits well with its work expertise since they are famous for providing round-the-clock security services and solutions to all emergencies. 

This company is also among the pioneers in using machine learning and AI to know emergency risks and find their effective solutions. When developed properly, this new approach will benefit all security firms and be a major factor in averting human life risks. 

The Senaca Group

Founded in 2004, this company is still a new name in the security world. Still, it has been able to stand out among the giants through its risk management and effective executive security solutions. The company also provides executive security guards and patrols to monitor all the activity around the VIP to prevent any unfortunate incidents. 

Based in Ireland, The Senana Group is actively working with the Irish government to solve national security issues, which they believe are rampant among the Irish authorities. 

Unity Resources Group

Using its readiness to adapt to any atypical security issues, Unity has become one of the fastest-growing security companies and has been able to help many national as well as international clients. 

Based in Singapore, the company has made it it’s objective to provide reliable security solutions in this world of unreliability. This company was involved in protecting the Australian embassy personnel in Iraq during unexpected attacks. This successful prevention of the attacks can give us an idea of the professionalism and expertise of the company. 

TSU Protection Services

This executive security company represents African contribution to the global security market. Starting in 1999, TSU Protection Services was initially short-staffed but has grown a lot since then and today has an active part in many executive security initiatives. TSU handled the security of the VIPs and the common masses during the recent Soccer World Cup in South Africa and did an excellent job in making the event secure and fail-proof. 


  • What does It take to Be on the Top 10 Executive Protection Companies List?

Having a fail-safe plan for all unprecedented incidents and unasked emergencies and a proper way of implementing them to ensure that the VIPs and others around them are secure is what makes a company eligible to appear on the list of the top 10 executive companies. 

  • How to start an executive protection company?

Looking into the areas and departments where executive protection is needed and learning about the shortcomings should be the first step in making an executive protection company. Once you have made a plan to cover this, you will need bodyguards and equipment, and your executive protection company can appear on the market. 


The list of the best executive protection companies is very extensive. Many among this list are very professional and offer good services. Some are also not up to the mark, and doing business with them can cost material loss and human lives in some cases. Thus to prevent this, you need to have a clear idea about the areas of expertise of each company. You must also know if the company you are going to choose fulfils all of your needs. Refer to this list of the top 10 executive protection companies before deciding on one, and you will surely find the one you’re looking for. 


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