Temporary Security Guards: When You Need Them?

Let’s accept the fact that today’s world is unsafe and unpredictable. You’re always worried for your loved ones, your assets, and important people in your life, especially during any special event or emergency. This is when you need temporary security guards. 

You should invest in the security in a way that maximizes the protection but doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

Think smartly and decide whether you need security guards 24/7 or just for a few days or weeks. If you just need security guard services for a day or two, you should go for overnight or temporary security —to secure your people and place, without breaking the bank. 

Let’s dive in deeper and make ourselves familiar with temporary security guards to make better and more informed decisions. 

Temporary Security Guard – An Overview 

There is always a risk of security hazards. Any unexpected emergency scenario can lead to helplessness and chaos. To prevent this you need a security guards team at your side all the time. The temporary security guards are trained to:

  • Keep an eye on the suspicious activities during events or emergency situations and make a plan to take action when needed. Patrolling helps deter crime by monitoring the activities of people in and out of your property. 
  • Watch your neighborhood to keep your property safe from unexpected incidents. Any suspicious activities in your neighborhood are recorded and addressed promptly. 
  • Keep an eye on your place if you’re out on vacation to tackle emergency situations. Because if you are heading on a vacation, keeping your gates locked doesn’t make your place entirely safe.  
  • Patrol the area that needs attention and appropriate response. If the security alarm is buzzing and nobody is there to take action then the alarm is of no use. This is when trained security guards are needed to efficiently respond. 

Temporary Security Guards Job Role 

The job role of temporary security guards depends on the situation for which they’re hired and other factors like venue, presence of VIPs, nature of security needed, etc. 

But generally speaking, short term security guard services include: 

  • Alarm response. The security officers are trained to respond to the security alarm by taking proper measures. They take steps to keep away the security hazard until the law enforcement team arrives. 
  • Interior and exterior inspections are done in intervals. Every suspicious activity is recorded to make a strategic security plan. 
  • Locking and unlocking your building or amenity is done by the temporary patrol team in the most responsible way. 
  • Parking lot surveillance and parking enforcement are done to maintain discipline and security during events. 
  • The trained security guards team is also trained to do equipment inspections/adjustments in a professional way and report any concerns to you. 
  • Response to any fire outbreak, unexpected natural disaster, thefts, and any other emergency scenario. 

Other than these duties, overnight security guards provide tailored services according to your security needs at that time. 

Situations Where Security Guard Services Are Needed Temporarily

You don’t always need security. But there are a few scenarios when it’s vital to hire temporary or overnight security guards for maximum protection. This includes:

Event Security 

Events need additional security. Even if it’s a private, intimate event, security risks are always there. The security concerns are even bigger if the event is political or important personalities are present in it. 

Weddings, concerts, parties, and events where VIPs are expected are included in the events when you need added and efficient security. 

You need efficient caretaker security guards who will provide vigilant security services to make your event safe. 

You can hire a temporary security team who will check everyone entering the event. They also provide security at parking lots, control traffic, and provide security to VIPs. 

Transportation Security 

Traveling of VIPs or transportation of assets needs additional security. This is when interim security guards become vital. They provide security to the vehicle and goods, making sure everyone reaches their destination safe and sound. They keep a check on the surroundings and take appropriate steps when needed. 

Emergency Security 

Overnight security guards help tackle emergency situations promptly. They are trained to respond effectively, evacuate people, and protect your assets Through effective emergency security services

Let’s look into two emergency scenarios where security guards are needed temporarily. 

Emergency response to fire outbreaks 

The overnight or emergency security guards are always ready for a prompt response in case of fire outbreaks, anytime. This minimizes the risk of damages and ensures life safety to a great extent. You can rely on the timely response by the professional temporary security guards in the event of emergencies.

Emergency response to thefts

The temporary security guards are there to help you if you encounter theft in your business center custom to prevent mishaps. The emergency response team will further keep an eye on the area and make sure your property and items remain safe. 

Tackling natural disaster  

The experienced security guard staff efficiently safeguards you and your assets from natural disasters as much as possible. You can hire professional temporary security guard services to tackle any kind of natural disaster you’re suspecting. 

24/7 surveillance

If you are not in the town and want professionals to safeguard your place, or if you feel your area is at high-risk then you can ask for 24/7 surveillance for a few days or weeks. The security guards team will keep a check on the interior and exterior of your site, day and night. 

Where to hire a security guard for short term in California?

Want temporary security services in California? Hire a security guard for a day in California with Prosecurity Guard Company.

Temporary security guard services by the Pro Security Guard Company are provided by experienced and skilled security guards who eliminate all your security concerns in a professional way. Our licensed and highly-trained security guards will give you peace of mind as you will know that the professionals are safeguarding your place. 

  • Our patrolling service for the exterior will help you keep an eye on your surroundings and take appropriate steps if any suspicious activities are going on. Our security guards note down every activity to keep a record and present it to you when needed. 
  • Quick action is taken in response to the security alarm and other emergency situations. You don’t have to wait for the police to arrive as we will take the necessary steps until the law enforcement agency arrives on the scene. 
  • We also provide interior patrolling by our emergency security guards to make sure your property, staff, and employees are safe. Security guards at the gate aren’t enough for interior security as they don’t know what’s going on inside the area. Interior patrolling helps keep an eye on everyone on the temporary. 

Contact us now to hire professional, licensed, and trained security guards to tackle all your temporary security needs.  


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