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Close Protection VIP Security
Private Security

Close Protection VIP Security

You must have heard that “Behind every successful man there is a woman.” Now let me tell you something unique, “Behind every successful VIP stands

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Importance of personal Security
Unarmed Security Guards

Importance of Personal Security

The importance of personal security cannot be denied in today’s era due to the potential risk of being attacked. Especially when it comes to people

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how to hire a security guard
Security Services

How to Hire a Security Guard?

The chances of intruders, burglars, or thieves trespassing on your property are quite high when it comes to the property. Whether it be a home,

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Why is crowd Managment Immportant?
Event Security

Why is Crowd Management Important?

The success of any event depends on achieving its purpose, which happens best when it proceeds smoothly without any disruptions. Effective crowd management is the

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Essential List Of Security Guard Equipment That Must Be Carried 
Unarmed Security Guards

List Of Security Guard Equipment

Security guards are trained to protect your assets and people in the best possible way, using all means. For this, they need certain tools to

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What Is A Fire Watch Security Guard
Fire Watch Security Guard

What Is A Fire Watch Security Guard?

Wondering what is a fire watch security guard and why you need them? If you’re a business owner, industry owner whose site is under construction, hotel

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Static Security A Role Insight That You Should Know Before Hiring
Commercial Security

Static Security Services

Businesses, industries, and residential areas need “apt” security that meets their static security concerns. Before hiring a security team, you should know exactly what you

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what is patrolling in security
Mobile Patrol Security

What is Patrolling in Security

With 6.53 million offences committed in 2021, property crime was the most common type of crime in the USA. During the same year, 2.55 million

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