What Do Security Guards Wear? A detailed guide

So, you’ve chosen a security guards team for your business? That’s great. But this isn’t it. You also have to make sure your team performs at the highest standards to truly protect your people and property. So you must know the answer to this: What do security guards wear?

In this article, you will come to know about how to choose a security guard uniform that not only looks professional but also protects the guards and provides deterrence to the would-be criminals. 

Let’s start then. 

What Is Security Uniform?

A security uniform makes the security guards look different and professional. The uniform also makes them psychologically more alert and they tend to perform their duties vigilantly. 

The security uniform consists of clothing and accessories, including shoes, that protect the guards and make them look prominent amongst other people. The visitors, employees, and other people feel secure when they see uniformed security teams within your space. 

Let’s look into detail about what impact the uniform brings on security guards and people, including suspects and criminals. 

Uniform For Security Guards: Impact And Importance 

With a clear security uniform policy, you can make a huge positive impact on your business. The security guards with proper uniforms are protected and ready to deal with unexpected scenarios effectively. 

In the guide to Motivation Within the Security Industry, CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) discusses how “The image of the security guard force and the quality of its interactions with the public have a significant impact on security officers’ perceptions of their role and their motivation to perform to a high standard.” CPNI points out the importance of image in the security industry—how security officers feel about their appearance really impacts their morale at work.

Let’s see how the uniform for security guard impacts people and security guards themselves. 

For people 

If you have chosen the right uniform for your guards, people will exactly know that there is a team of professionals securing them. This sense of protection is impossible if you compromise on your security guard’s uniform.

Not only this, uniformed guards keep away suspects effectively. When the would-be criminals know that there is someone professional who is ready to tackle any security situation, then they’ll run away from the area and wouldn’t prefer to cause any sort of disturbance.  

For security staff

If you provide appropriate wear to your security guards, including PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment), then this will instill a sense of protection, pride, and confidence in them. 

Uniformed security guards are more likely to perform their duties efficiently as compared to those who don’t wear proper uniforms and protective gear. 

Appropriate Dress Code For Security Guards

Now let’s see how you should choose uniforms for your security team to make sure they look professional, active, and are protected in every way. 

Standard security guard uniform

You have to decide about the standard pieces of uniform. The uniform should be according to what a security guard should look like. 

Decide between half or full-sleeved pilot shirts with two front pockets and epaulets. This shirt gives them a professional look. You can choose a color that makes them prominent and look authoritative. 

If you want to add a jacket, especially in winters, go for Nato jumpers that have fitted epaulets and patches on shoulders and elbows. 

The security guards working within a building need office-style trousers for a formal look. But those working outside might need hard-wearing cargo trousers for protection against weather and the environment.  

In this standard uniform, you can add other accessories if required. 

Do security guards wear ties? 

Not all but you can add ties if you want to. Ties look professional if the security guards are working in retail and within the buildings or hotels. 

Prefer clip-on ties that can be detached easily and protect the wearer from strangling.  

High visibility 

If you wish to make the security team visible and prominent then go for a dark-colored uniform along with proper protective gear. 

High visibility is especially important at night and during patrolling. For this, full high visibility bomber jackets should be used to make them look prominent and visible at all times. 

Inconspicuous work 

Sometimes you need to make security guards inconspicuous. For that, you can use an office-looking uniform including a navy blue jacket for a professional yet indistinct look. 

What shoes do security guards wear? 

Security guards don’t sit or stand in one place. They need to be on their feet and perform their duties vigilantly and without any obstruction. And for that, they need comfortable shoes that don’t cause pain and other skin problems while they are at their duty. 

For security guards working outside, you need to have lightweight, sturdy, and heavy-duty safety shoes. The security guards working indoors don’t need heavy-duty shoes. They can perform their duties well in composite safety shoes. 

California Security Guards Uniform Requirements 

In 2006, the California Department of Consumer Affairs published a Security Guard Guide that outlines the Business and Professions Codes that dictate firearm regulations, training, and uniform requirements for security guards and the people and companies that employ them. 

It states that nothing about a security guard’s uniform can imply that he is affiliated with a government organization – whether federal, state, or local. Other than that, you can choose a uniform of your choice. 

According to Chapter 11.5, Article 3 of California’s Business and Professions Code, “a private security guard uniform must have a patch on both shoulders and the upper left breast that reads “private security.” In addition, the patch must include the name of the security company and must be visible at all times while the security guard is on duty. Patches must be affixed both to shirts and to outerwear such as jackets or vests.”

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