List Of Security Guard Equipment

Security guards are trained to protect your assets and people in the best possible way, using all means. For this, they need certain tools to effectively counter security situations and respond professionally. Here, you’ll find a list of security guard equipment that must be carried along while the guards are on their duty. 

So, let’s dive in without any delay. 

What Should Be Carried By a Security Guard?

Just like a chef can’t cook without kitchen gadgets, crockery, and ingredients; a security guard can’t protect a site without essential tools. They need tools to look out for suspects, record activities, and respond if needed. These tools are carried during duty hours and while patrolling as well. 

We’ll look into 10 essential tools that are vital for security guards to perform their duties in a professional way. 

10 Must-have Security Guard Equipment 

Protective Apparel

Security guards have to perform their duties in all unexpected situations and weather. No matter how hot or cold the weather is, security guards have to perform their duties and be vigilant at all times. For this, they need protective apparel that helps them stay warm or tackle the rainy season efficiently. 

Safety Apparel

All the licensed security companies in the US ,including the best Security guard Comapny In san Diego, Professional Seccurity Guard Company Inc. provide their security guards with appropriate clothing that helps them remain healthy and active.

A Flashlight

A flashlight is a piece of must-have security equipment during day or night both. Security guards carry different-sized flashlights for their particular duties. 

It may sound unnecessary but security guards need flashlights during bright daylight as well. The reason is they have to secure buildings and tackle unexpected power outages. They have to escort people in and out of the area and that needs proper light. 


Flashlights also work best in noisy places where security guards cannot communicate with each other effectively. In this case, the mode of communication is the flashlight with which they get the attention of their fellows. Small flashlights with long-lasting batteries and the brightest light are the best to carry.

Personal Audio Recorder 

Security guards should carry personal audio recorders to record all the happenings during their duty hours. The audio recorder helps security guards quickly record any suspected activity without having to write down all the details. 

The audio recording is useful to maintain the log and keep an eye on all the happenings. Personal audio recorders of a security guard also make them look more professional and truly help them to effectively respond to any unexpected scenarios. 

Audio Recorder

An audio recorder is a great tool to record all the happenings during mobile patrolling. The security guards don’t have to use writing tools while driving. They just have to record their audio on the recorder and make patrolling as efficient as possible.

Writing Tool

Although there are numerous effective devices that help record important scenarios during duty hours. But let’s face the fact: these devices might break or become faulty and don’t respond at all when needed. 

That is why it’s essential for security guards to carry the good old pen and paper. This will help them to record important happenings even if their audio recorder is not functioning properly.

Security Communication Equipment 

Communication is the key to survival for security guards in various security situations. So, security guards must carry functional communication equipment, along with security guard training that helps them communicate with their fellows when needed. 

The most commonly used and beneficial communication equipment for security guards is a two-way radio. The two-way radio is a simple communication tool that must be carried by every security guard so that they can ask for help and communicate with fellow security guards when needed.

Backpack for Essentials 

Security guards must have a lightweight backpack with them during their duty hours. Backpack helps to organize their personal and security equipment that must be carried. 


Security guards should have a simply designed backpack that can accommodate their equipment well.


Security guards should use an earpiece with their two-way radios to not only communicate effectively but also perform the duties well as their hands would be free. 


Wireless earpieces are the best option for security guards to maintain communication and use their hands at the same time. The earpiece comes in different shapes and sizes. The security guards should be given an earpiece depending upon the nature of their duty and security situations that might arise

Wearable Body Cams

Body cameras help security guards to record every second of their duty hours. This helps to record the faces of criminals, securities situations, liability and makes them look more professional. 

Although personal body cameras are an important tool for security guards yet the guards should be well aware of when they cannot use body cameras to record people. This is the reason we consider this item as a must in the list of security guard equipment.

That’s why before the use of body cameras the security guards should talk to the authorities first.

Comfortable Security Boots

Security guards aren’t meant to sit all day. You will find security guards always on their feet. And to perform their duties well they need footwear that is protective and comfortable as well. This helps them to be on their feet and walk without any hurdles.

Security Boots

First Aid Kit 

Security guards should be prepared for any unexpected security situation. That is why a first aid kit is important to carry along. The first aid kit should have over-the-counter pain medications, bandaids, and other important medicines that would be helpful when needed. 

First Aid Kit

The first aid kit is not only beneficial for the security guard team but also for people when any security situation arises. The security guards should not only carry the first aid kit but they should also know when and how to use the kit. 

Professional security guard companies train their security guards to use a first aid kit effectively when needed.

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Equipment That’s not Useful for a Security Guard 

Although the above-mentioned list of security guard equipment is essential, there are certain things that just add to their backpack and make movement difficult. On-duty security officers should get rid of unnecessary items so that they have easy access to essential tools and don’t have to carry extra baggage. 

Also, equipment that is faulty and doesn’t work is of no use. Security guards should make sure all their equipment is functional so that it can be used when needed. 

The Bottom Line 

For flawless security, guards must have a certain list of security guard equipment that helps them deter crime and respond to security situations in a professional way. We have compiled 10 must-have tools for security that are vital to be carried.

If you’re looking for top-notch unarmed security services in California then we’re at your service. Professional Security Guard Company has professional guards with all the essential tools that are required to make your place safest. 


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