How Many Security Guards Per Person for an Event?

Organizing events isn’t a piece of cake. You have to arrange a gazillion things to make sure your event goes smoothly. One of the most important things to do is to hire security for your event to make it safe for everyone. But how many security guards per person will you need to make your event go smoothly? 

Here, you’ll come to know how to decide the number of security guards for your event. Because the last thing you want is less number of guards and more chaos. So, let’s dive in and know more. 

Security Guard To Crowd Ratio – An Estimate 

Generally, having one guard per 20 to 25 guests is sufficient. So, you shouldn’t expect flawless security if you hire only a couple of guards over hundreds of guests. 

Even if the event is small, you need to look at the number of guests, venue, and nature of guests. VIPs need a special security team as well. So, take everything into consideration before deciding the number of security guards you need to hire. 

How Many Security Guards Per Person Do I Need for My Event?

Today’s world is unsafe. That’s why you’ve to take ALL the necessary steps to make sure your event goes smoothly and safely. If your event isn’t just for family and friends, you should have a proper and functional security system. Alongside, you have to hire security guards who will monitor the security system, check everyone who’s entering, and maintain peace in every way with a proper event security planning checklist

But how many security guards per person event do you need to handle the security tasks, as only one security is clearly not enough to handle the whole matter? You’ve to hire a team (in case of large or risky events) that’ll work together to make sure your people and property remain safe. The number of security guards per person you need for an event depends upon various factors which we’ll discuss shortly.

how many security guards per person for an event

Factors To Consider While Deciding The Number Of Security Guard For An Event

Some of the major factors which you must keep in mind to decide the number of security guards you are going to need during your event include:

Security System And The Security Devices in Use

You need to assess the security system you already have in place at the event site to decide how many guards you are going to need to augment it. If you have security cameras and CCTVs to monitor the event’s happenings effectively, you can do with a small number of guards present on site. A security system is especially important if the event is going to take place in a building with several rooms or a large open venue. 

But if you lack a major security system on the event site, you must amp up your security guard numbers to make the event go smoothly. The event site must also be in compliance with the rules mentioned in the event security checklist.

Security Guards 

Only a security system isn’t enough. You need to have experienced event security guards who will monitor the security system and ensure your event is safe in every way.

You can hire security guards for entrance and exit points. Or if you suspect a mob would possibly go out of control, you need a few guards within the event. But how many security guards are for an event? Keep on reading to find out. 

Fire Alarm System 

The fire alarm system is important for events where you suspect a fire outbreak. This is especially important in an indoor venue. But equally needed for an open venue. 

A fire alarm system along with a fireguard makes sure there is no fire outbreak. And in case of any fire accident, the fireguard responds quickly to minimize liability in every way. S

Security Ratio For Events 

How much security is needed for an event? There is no rule of thumb for deciding how many security guards per person you need for an event. The exact event security ratio is subject to various conditions. Let’s discuss the factors that help you secure the security guard ratio. 

Venue of the Event

The venue plays an important role to decide the number of guards you should hire. If the venue is small and the event is intimate then one or two security guards would be enough. But if the event pays and you’re anticipating hundreds of guests in a major event then you need a security guard team that will work in coherence to provide you maximum security.  

If the venue is generally safe, you need fewer guards. But if the venue is prone to security hazards and threats, you need maximum security guards for private events to make them safe and successful. 

Ensure that the firm you are hiring is experienced enough to provide security for private events.

Nature of event 

If your event is for family and friends, then you probably don’t need security. But if the event has different kinds of people, then you need security guards. Download the Event Security Management Guide to make your events successful without any threats.

Similarly, if the event is a political or social event with hundreds and thousands of people, you need a huge security guard team to minimize security risks. 

Number of Guests in the Event 

If your gathering is small and intimate, you might not need any guards. But if the event has many guests and people from different walks of life, then you need to hire a security guard team. 

Even if the number of guests is less, you’ve to consider the nature of the event and venue to decide how many guards you’d need. 

Depending on the number of guests, the guards can vary according to the following ranges:

  1. For a party of about 25 people, one guard is sufficient.
  2. For 25-70 people, you are going to need at least two guards. 
  3. For 100-300 guests, you will need 4-8 guards to monitor the event effectively.
  4. For 300-800 people present, the guard number must be more than 15 and between 15 and 20 guards.
  5. For 800-1300 people, you will need about 30 or more guards to handle the situation efficiently.

Nature of Guests 

If you just have a small event with family members and friends around then you don’t need security. But if the guests are celebrities or are from different walks of life then you need to hire a security guard team. 

If you suspect party crashers then you need to have security guards at the entrance and exit points of your party as well. 


The question of how many security guards per person for an event should be given more consideration when the event is going to have a more adult presence. This is because you don’t need high-level security services with kids or small children, and having just one or two guards to handle the parents can be enough. While in the case of adults, who can present at the event in comparatively larger quantities, you need more guards to handle any situation that might arise. 

The Size Of The Parking Lot

Large size parking lots house more vehicles, and can present greater areas for thieves and intruders to work in. Thus, events that have large parking lots for people’s vehicles, need a greater number of security guards, who can keep a check on all the activity in the lot and can stop any criminals from vandalizing the vehicles or stealing them. 

Type of Business

Large, well-known, and profitable businesses are often a preferable spot for intruders to get into and make their way with the business property or any cash they might lay their hands on. Thus, when these large businesses organize parties or events, the opportunity for criminals to take advantage of the situation increases, and the demand for security guards to handle the situation also increases.

Conversely, for smaller businesses that are only going to organize events for select few people, there is no need to get more security guards as only a handful will deal with the event effectively. 

Known Threats

If you are already aware of any threats you will face during the event, you can decide the number of guards based on the extent of those threats. If you anticipate smaller threats to disturb the guests, you can deploy a small number of guards to dismantle it. But if any major threat is going to present itself during the event, which can cost the lives of people, it would be better to take the help of a large party of security guards to handle it and prevent any nuisance. 

Hire Security Guard For Your Event In San Deigo California

San Diego is the host to many events of small and large scale alike. San Diego sees it all from small business events and college meetups to large music concerts and celebrity tours. Maintaining the security of all these events is crucial to making the event successful and the guests happy. If these are the goals you want to fulfil during your event of any scale, you have come to the right place.

At Professional Security Guard Inc. we strive to provide our customers with the best event security services so that they can forget about the security of the event and focus on enjoying the fun time itself. With us by your side, you can fulfil all your security needs and can make your event the best to date. Contact us to get any advice on how to hire a security guard for the event, or to get a quote on our event security packages.

The Bottom Line 

Every event that doesn’t just involve a few family members and friends needs proper security. Along with a functional security system, you need to hire the right number of experienced security guards. The above read is enough to assist you in making a decision about how many security guards per person for an event to make it secure for all and to make sure your people and property remain safe. 


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