Importance Of Personal Security

The importance of personal security cannot be denied in today’s era due to the potential risk of being attacked. Especially when it comes to people who are celebrities, politicians, millionaires, and CEOs, the potential threat is far greater than any common person. 

In recent years, due to civil unrest, a growing number of terrorists, and extremists, the need for personal security is no less than a necessity rather than a luxury. Especially those who are surrounded by the public or in the eyes of the media should not avoid taking personal security. 

Personal security includes unarmed, armed bodyguards, video surveillance operators, patrol guards, and event security guards.

Let’s look at the types of personal security and discuss the roles and responsibilities of these security guards.  

What are the Types of Personal Security?

Here are the types of personal security you can hire for your protection and safety. 

Armed Security Guards 

Armed security guards as the name suggest, carry lethal weapons to protect high-threat environments or a person whose life is vulnerable to attacks. They are also hired for business purposes and property in areas with high crime rates. 

Armed security guards are trained to carry firearms and need a license to carry those weapons. Normally armed security guards are ex-military officers as they are trained to use firearms. 

Unarmed Security Guards 

Unarmed security guards are none different from armed security guards except from they do not carry weapons. However, their skills and ability to foresee threats are no less than armed security guards. The responsibilities include patrolling, crowd control, surveillance, and access control. 

Residential Security Guards

Residential security guards are hired to protect residences, including private homes, communities, complexes, apartments, university campuses, and apartments. The residential security guards have to perform various duties such as securing the gates, monitoring entry and exit points, invigilating suspicious activities, night watch programs, and taking action against any home issues regarding security. Depending on the client’s needs, residential security guards can be armed or unarmed.

Uniformed Officers

Unformed officers are hired to protect against vandalism, burglary, and theft. They are responsible for protecting your property against any potential threats. They are also hired to protect customers and staff, including places like banks, and jewellery stores. 

Private Patrol Security 

Private patrol security includes a security officer to patrol your home or business at specific times to reduce the vulnerable threats of being attacked. The property is periodically monitored 24 hours a day to prevent any theft, burglary, or attack. 


Another type of private security includes bodyguards responsible for protecting a person. Bodyguards are hired by highly influential and popular public figures such as dignitaries, celebrities, CEOs, politicians, and religious figures. The security officer is armed with weapons and trained to offer security to the individuals and protect them from any attack or threat. 

Video Surveillance Operator

A video surveillance operator is another form of personal security. The person hired for video surveillance works with security guards to conduct surveillance, monitor any suspicious activity, and review camera footage. However, video surveillance operator looks less challenging than other private security services. But if things get out of control, they need to take charge and deal with any potential threat. 

How do You Maintain Personal Security?

Personal security is either taken too seriously or too casually. Some believe they can never be attacked, while others are too much worried about their life all the time. Regardless of your category, you can always maintain personal security to protect yourself without any weapons or security guards. 

Here’s how to maintain personal security and protect yourself, whether in a secluded place or a public place. 

Observe Your Surroundings

Personal security starts with observing your environment and surroundings. Constantly watching your surroundings will help you observe any potential threats and take action before things get worse. 

For instance, if you are in a parking lot and observe a man approaching you, you could first hide your possessions in a safe or under your seat. Similarly, if a brawl erupts in the middle of an event, you can get out of the place as early as possible to avoid any kind of harm. 

The idea is to develop a habit of observing your surroundings and taking action before things mess up. Another great tip to ensure personal security is to look for hiding spots, fire extinguishers, and entry and exit points. 

Self-defense Devices

Self-defence devices offer personal security without jeopardizing another person’s life. The purpose of these devices is to get away from the situation and avoid further harm to you and your possessions. You can buy standard self-defence devices a stun gun, pepper spray, taser, or salt gun. However, make sure to read the law about using these self-defence devices to avoid any legal consequences. 

Another important thing to remember is to take proper training before using the device in a serious situation. The training allows you to use it accurately without harming bystanders or passersby.  

These devices are handy and portable so that you can easily carry them. But before you use any of these devices, make sure to read the law and regulations. 

Self Defense Training

The importance of personal security cannot be denied, whether it be a famous celebrity or an ordinary man. Self-defense training is also a great way to protect yourself from any attack. We are not emphasizing getting kung-fu training, but learning some basics would give you some sort of security and protection against any potential threats. 

Self-defence training will help you develop some skills to help deal with rough situations such as robbery, sexual assault, or any deadly attacks. For instance, if someone attacks you from the back or breaks into your house, make sure to have some skills and training to get out of the situation.. 

Add Emergency Contact to Your Phone 

With everyone equipped with a smartphone, most people don’t give heed to it. But adding an emergency contact to your phone would surely provide security if caught in a serious situation. And if you cannot call, the police, paramedics or someone else would do so for you. 

If you are going to a place vulnerable to security threats, make sure to inform your family or friends about it. Keep them in the loop by texting or calling and letting them know about your whereabouts. By doing this, you can make your journey easier without feeling the threat of being attacked. 

Can’t follow or implement any of the aforementioned tips to maintain personal security. Don’t worry, security service providers are available to give you maximum protection. Here’s how you can contact and hire a security officer. 

Personal Security for Hire Services 

With the growing security threats, everyone is skeptical of personal safety. Whether you are a famous celebrity, a CEO, or a common person with security threats, hiring a personal security guard is necessary. 

Don’t worry, you can search for personal bodyguard services on Google and choose the best executive security company one that meets your needs. From providing mobile patrol security to armed and unarmed guard service, your security is covered without putting a dent in your budget. 

Importance of Personal Security 

Personal security develops a sense of tranquillity and peace that can’t be felt without it. Imagine if you were the victim of burglary or physical harm, how much it would affect you mentally and psychologically even after the body’s wound heals. Moreover, apart from affecting your mental peace, it would also take a toll on your family.  

If you are not taking personal security seriously, then here’s what you need to know about the importance of personal security. 

  1. Lessens the Rate of Crime 

Security officers are hired to protect the client, premises, or other valuables. With highly skilled and trained professionals, these security guards can handle any kind of situation and criminal. Whether the person is going to harm you personally or try to trespass on your property to steal valuables, security officers will make sure to take necessary actions and catch the person from causing any harm. Thus, it can help reduce the crime rate and offer more security and protection to an individual or individual’s property. 

  1. Handle the Situation Wisely 

Whether you hire an armed or unarmed security guard, every security officer is trained to deal with the situation. With great observation and the ability to read people’s minds and intentions, a security officer can handle the situation without letting it out of control. 

  1. Improve the Sense of Security 

Security guards are hired to protect individuals, retail stores, warehouses, and any other property. Especially when it comes to places where there is a greater footfall of customers, the need to hire a security guard is a must.

For instance, a shopping mall, a bank, or a jewellery store where customers visit in numbers need some form of security. In addition, CEOs, politicians, and celebrities are surrounded by people, making it difficult to judge the culprits from the masses. Hiring a personal security guard to protect property, it would not only offer you peace of mind but also give a greater sense of security to the people visiting it. 

  1. Act Quickly Before Situation Turns Worse

As mentioned earlier, security guards are trained to read people’s minds and intentions. They can act quickly before the situation gets out of control. Moreover, the bodyguards are also trained to act immediately and call the police and provide first aid to the wounded and seriously injured. Thus, it helps in dealing with the situation timely without getting it out of control. 

  1. Deal with Security Issues Professionally 

Security officers and bodyguards are trained to deal with any kind of situation. Whether it requires an immediate response or taking precautions before things worsen, security officers are ready to deal with it. 

When unrest arises and the situation changes abruptly, trained security officers handle it professionally to prevent things from getting out of control.

  1. Ensure Safe Environment 

The presence of a security officer at any premises or with any person allows a safe and secure environment. Whether it be a private event, a concert, a retail shop, an office, or a manufacturing area, security guards will ensure maximum security by monitoring any suspicious activity. Thus, it also creates a sense of security among customers and employees. 

  1. Control Any Situation with Full Backup

Security officers are not alone as they are in contact with law enforcement agencies, medical staff, and the fire department. As soon as things go out of control, the security personnel will make sure to get in contact and ask for help. However, if a layman has to handle the situation alone, he might not be able to handle it without proper knowledge. Therefore, personal security is necessary to respond to an emergency situation and get things back to normal. 

  1. Discipline at its Best 

Big events, concerts, and workplaces are vulnerable to security threats and indiscipline. To maintain security and discipline, security personnel can lead from the front and take action against any violator or someone creating a fuss. Moreover, security officers also ensure to prevent fights and riots at any public gathering. 

  1. Trained to Give First Aid 

Security officers are not only trained to control crowds and deal with any criminal activity. They are also trained to respond to an emergency situation where waiting for EMTs is not possible. For instance, if a person has a heart attack in a rushy area, the security officer will perform CPR and other necessary procedures to save the life and take necessary measures before help arrives. 

  1. Give Sense of Security  

Having a security officer present immediately brings peace and a sense of security. Without feeling the stress of being attacked or any catastrophe, the security guards will provide peace of mind and a sense of security. 

Why is personal security more important than privacy?

Security and privacy are the two most important aspects of everyone’s life. The importance of any of the two cannot be denied. But security is more important than privacy due to the following reasons:

1- Privacy is related to someone’s social dignity, data, and personal whereabouts. While security is meant for the lives of humans. Without securing and protecting humans, privacy won’t make any sense. 

2- Various means and individual actions can protect privacy in today’s digital era, while trained groups of people are responsible for protecting others from serious threats and mishaps.


With the increasing crime rate, attacks, vandalism, and public fights, security is becoming more critical than ever. Especially when it comes to public figures, the threat is much more than any common individual. 

Therefore, reducing the risk of attacks and protecting information or assets highlight the vital importance of personal security. Moreover, personal security allows you to stay safe from robberies, burglaries, and attacks. 

Don’t be reluctant to hire a personal security guard if you feel vulnerable to attacks and vandalism. 


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