Reasons Parking Lot Patrol Is An Absolute Necessity

Think of a parking lot patrol, and you’ll imagine a serene area where cars are parked. That’s it? Usually, parking lots are considered safe places, and one can’t imagine experiencing anything brutal there. But the fact is: parking lots are the third most common place for violent crimes and accidents. Wait, what? This is precisely why you need parking lot patrol. 

Parking lot security should not be ignored whether you are a business owner with a large commercial area or just a building. You should take appropriate steps to ensure your parking garage is safe for your employees, patrons, and potential customers. 

Here, you will come to know why you should hire parking lot security and where to hire the one that’s most suitable for your business and will give you the ultimate peace of mind. 

Parking Lot Patrol protection – Is it worth it? 

Yes. Almost 1400 accidents and violent crimes occur in the US inside parking lots. The nature of your business might also increase the risk of criminal activities inside your parking lot. That’s why hiring experienced parking lot security is essential to ensure your space and the vehicles parked in it are safe. 

Parking lot protection not only prevents criminal activities but also prevents accidents and hit-and-run incidents. If an experienced and well-trained human being is watching your parking garage, it will help provide a safe space to everyone who wishes to park their cars. Also, the parking lot security guard would know every car owner’s identity and will check the entrance and exit points. 

You’ll need a customized security plan for your parking lot, depending on its structure, the nature of your business, and security concerns.  

Duties of parking lot patrol security guard 

Parking area security isn’t just putting a few cameras around and a guard at the entrance. While it would be enough for a small space, a garage with multiple stories and huge space needs a security team along with a fictional security system. 

A parking lot security officer will: 

  • Check every individual at the entrance and will forbid a person from entering the parking lot if the authorities have given him a list. 
  • Make sure cars are parked safely. 
  • Protect the parking space from checking for criminal activities. 
  • Make sure the security system is working properly and informs the authorities if cameras aren’t working. 
  • Record suspicious activities and take appropriate steps. 
  • Make sure nobody hits and runs. This prevents a lot of accidents. 
  • Control the traffic in the parking lot. 
  • Check for security hazards such as fire outbreaks and take prompt action to control them. 
  • Check vehicles at the exit to ensure nobody is taking away any assets.

This isn’t it. The job role of parking lot patrol security also depends upon your particular security needs. 

To make your patrol as compelling as ever, make sure to have a Security Patrol Checklist and fulfil all the critical points while patrolling.

How often are parking lot patrol security cameras checked? 

This is also the job of a security guard to check security cameras. Security cameras are often checked if something suspicious occurs or any accident has occurred. 

The cameras are also checked to make sure the traffic is smooth and no one is creating a disturbance in the lot.  

Commercial parking lot guards Vs Garage guards

Commercial parking lot guards are more equipped and trained than garage guards. A garage is mostly smaller than a commercial parking lot. Commercial areas need a security team to look after their parking site. 

That said, this also depends upon the nature of a business that owns the parking lot and the size of the area.

Why is parking lot safety important?

Parking lots are the 3rd most viable place for criminal activities. That’s why, it’s inevitable to hire a trained parking lot patrol guard or a team that will keep your employees, patrons, and their vehicles safe. 

Parking lot safety is important, mainly to avoid: 


While parking lots are considered safe, just a small accident can make it dangerous for everyone and people will feel unsafe while parking their cars. So, security is needed to make sure no accidents happen. You can also avoid hit and run situations easily and take appropriate steps in case of accidents. 

Damages and thefts 

Thieves also choose a place where there is less security. If you don’t have a security guard and cameras in place, car thieves will take away important stuff from vehicles and damage them for no good. 

Violent crimes 

Criminals can take advantage of a parking lot with lots of bushes and hiding places. You never know who will find your parking lot safe for criminal activities. To avoid this, you need an experienced team of parking lot patrol guards who will patrol the area and keep everyone safe. 

How To Improve Parking Lot patrol Security? 

Parking lots need a customized security plan that needs to be updated with time if the structure or map is altered in any way. So, there is always room for improvement to make sure your parking space is safe for your employees and customers. 

Install CCTV cameras 

CCTV cameras should be installed at places where everyone can see them clearly. This makes people alert and they know they’re being watched. The places where cameras are installed in such a way are less vulnerable to criminal activities and other incidents. 

Cameras are also used to check the activities at the parking lot and ensure everyone follows parking garage rules. 

Improve lighting 

Bright lights make people feel safe and protected as everything is visible and there is less chance of theft and burglary. Moreover, you can install spotlights at strategic places to keep away suspects and allow people to drive safely inside the lot. 

Mention clear policies for everyone 

The policies of pairing a lot should be clear. Moreover, the instructions should be stated in a manner that should be visible to all. This makes your space safe as people tend to follow rules that are clearly stated. 

Hire a parking space guard

Most important is hiring a security guard or a team of mobile patrol guards to keep criminals away and protect your people and their vehicles. Well-trained guards know what to do in case of a security hazard.

Use signage 

What would happen in a parking lot where there is no hint of the right direction? You end up roaming around with no clue. This causes disturbance in traffic and agitates people. So use signs to state entry and exit points, sharp turns, speed limit, and other instructions. 

Don’t ignore potential security risks 

You might think of a security risk as minor but it might not be. A single incident can harm your business’s reputation. So, sit down with a security agency, state all your concerns, and devise a customized security plan. 

Parking Lot Safety Tips

Keep yourself, other people, and vehicles safe by following a few parking lot safety tips to make sure you don’t cause or face any distress. 

  • Drive slowly 
  • Pick a well-lit site to park your car
  • Avoid crossing lanes 
  • Always remember to lock your car
  • Look both ways while driving 
  • Follow the parking lot instructions and signage
  • Keep valuables out of anybody’s site
  • Make sure your car is locked while you park it 
  • Educate yourself about what to do in case of accidents 

Where To Hire The Best Parking Lot Security Guards In California? 

Are you a business owner in California and want to make your parking lot security fool-proof? If yes, you should consider a trustworthy security patrol in San Diego with decades of experience in this field. Professional Security Guard Inc Company provides matchless parking lot Patrol security that will make your garage the safest for everyone. 

We have highly-trained parking lot patrol guards who have been acquainted with performing duty at parking lots. In addition, they know how to keep a check on every individual and activity in your parking lot. They are trained to be mindful, vigilant, and prompt in providing security solutions. 

Contact us today, and let’s discuss your security needs and how we can make your parking lot safer for your employees and patrons. 


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