7 Essential Qualities Of A Security Guard 

Imagine hiring a well-trained security guard who doesn’t have innate qualities or characteristics that make a good security guard? In that case, you would be putting your people and property at a stake. That’s why it’s important to know about the qualities of a security guard so that you choose the best for yourself. 

Or if you want to be a security guard, you should look for these qualities in yourself. These personality traits, along with apt training, will make you the security guard who’s ready to face any sort of security situation.  

Security guards must enforce regulations and ensure everything (including people) is safe and sound. This needs a set of inbuilt qualities that are sharpened by appropriate training. 

Without these qualities, you’re just hiring someone who won’t do their job well. In other words, it’s a risk for you instead of a safety measure. 

So let’s find out 7 qualities that security guards must have to take this responsibility on their shoulders. 

Security Guard Qualities

Security guards are trained to take risks and measures to ensure everyone is safe. Along with training, they must have a skill set that defines a good security guard. We’re going to discuss these qualities shortly. 

That said, security guards should have a few qualities to remain active and alert throughout. They should be good at managing difficult situations, reliable, and have excellent communication and listening skills. These skills, along with proper training and guidance, make a capable security guard that you can rely on. 

They also have to be ready at all times and manage a site so that there is no security risk and everyone is safe. 

Let’s find out the basic qualities that security guards should possess. These are really important for both static and patrol guards. 

Good Communication 

Communication skills are on the top for a purpose because without good communication, your security guard can’t handle people. Security guards not only have to stand and watch out but they also have to interact with and guide people at check-ins and entrance/exit points. 

So they need the best communication skills to interact with people effortlessly. They should know what to talk about and in which way. This not only looks professional but also helps to keep away suspects and have a great impression of your business on other people. 

You can improve your guard’s communication skills by giving them proper training. They can learn languages and techniques to communicate well with people and handle difficult situations with their words. 

Critical Thinking 

Security guards should think out-of-the-box and be ready for anything. They shouldn’t just hear and see visible things. They must think about possibilities and exceptions. They should have a critical mind that asks questions and is curious to find answers. 

This skill is important to keep criminals away and solve various security concerns efficiently. 

Critical thinking is an inbuilt quality that is sharpened with training. But the knack for thinking differently should already be a person’s nature that can be polished accordingly. 

Problem Solving 

What to do if your security guard doesn’t know how to reach and tackle security scenarios? It would be difficult and unbearable. So, make sure the one you’re hiring knows what to do in various situations to normalize everything within no time. 

Problem-solving quality is sharpened with time and experience. The more exposure a security guard gets, the more they solve problems and mysteries. 

Active Listening and Alertness

What if you hire a security guard but they tend to be lazy and sleepy? It will not only badly impact your business but also waste money and time. So, ensure the security guard you’re hiring is always alert while on duty. 

Security guards are trained to be alert and conscious. This is important whether they work within or outside the building. 

One of the benefits of being alert is to notice and listen carefully. Listening helps them to understand their job role and take actions as ordered/requested. If a person isn’t good at listening, they can’t do their job well as a security guard.  

Honesty and Integrity 

This quality makes security guards reliable and trustworthy. Honesty goes a long way. So choose a security guard who’s proven to be honest even in testing times. 

Honesty guaranteed safety. If a security guard is really honest, they will go one step ahead to make sure your people, property, and information remain safe. They don’t share your business’s inner matters with anyone and are always loyal to you. 

Physical Fitness

Security guards should be physically fit to perform their duties well and take the least sick leaves. They should maintain their optimum weight and not have any chronic illness as it can affect their stamina and performance at work. 

You can work with your security guard to ensure they remain physically fit. A healthy diet, drinking lots of water, and exercising maintain fitness and health. So, security guards should be given proper and healthy meals and time to exercise and maintain fitness. 

Leadership Skills 

Last but not least, leadership skills are very important for security guards. They should know how to communicate and take their team along. Leadership skills also help deter criminals and control mob/people effectively. No one will listen to a guard who doesn’t know how to lead from the front and take action. 

Leadership skill is most important for the head of your security team. Because they have a huge responsibility of managing everything and giving duties to their team on a site. With leadership skills, they can manage their team well and give you the ultimate peace of mind by bravely making decisions and controlling every security situation. 

How To Be A Good Security Guard?

The simple answer is that if you want to be a good security guard, just focus on the above-mentioned qualities and work on them for betterment. 

You can opt for training sessions for individual qualities for a quick boost. These qualities are inevitable for a security guard, no matter where you’re going to work. 

Along with these qualities and proper training, you can easily make your way to the best security guard companies in your area. 


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