Trusted Residential Security Patrol Services for Your Home's Safety

Stay safe, have peace of mind, and never let criminals enter your home with Residential Patrol Services. The visibility of security patrol officers lessens crime risks and protects the tenants and employees from vandalism, theft, assaults, and robbery. 

Whether you are living in a gated community or a residential complex, safety and security have to be the first priority of landlords. Hiring our residential security patrol services will help you to;

    • Protect from any Vandalism

    • Have Peace of Mind

    • Quickly Respond to any Dangerous Situation 

    • Monitor Spaces where Security Cameras are Unable to 

    • Protect from any Illegal Situation

    • Effectively Handle Security Issues

Customizable Residential Security Patrol Services to Meet Your Needs

Hiring private security for residential areas is essential to protect the property from vandalism, thefts, outbreaks, and robberies. While it also enhances the security of people living in the area. Some of the types of residential security patrols are;

Foot Patrol 

Foot Patrol security guards as the name suggest what it does. Hiring foot patrol for residential security involves security guards checking the property for any potential threats. They are constantly walking on the grounds to deal with any situation that might result in harm to property or people living within the vicinity. These types of security guards are usually hired in places where vehicles are not allowed or can’t enter.  

Foot Patrol Security Officers are also responsible for checking doors and windows are locked properly. In addition, they also look for hazards and safety issues that can result in fire. The Foot Patrol Officer will make sure to control the situation immediately and rectify them without resulting in a huge financial or human loss. 


Mobile Patrol

Mobile Patrols residential security is an alternative to foot patrol security, meant for larger sites with more area to look for. When you are looking for security of your business or any residential community with a larger area, Mobile Patrol is the best option to look for.  

Getting mobile patrol services is the most cost-effective option for business owners. Residential security patrol is also a viable option for construction sites, commercial and retail properties, parking lots, and housing societies are: 

Observation post

Observation post is another type of residential security patrol also known as watchtower. We provide 24 hours security surveillance by a trained and licensed security guard. Observation security patrol is quite effective for larger premises and properties, requiring a specific set of protection and security requirements.  

Normally the premises is monitored on a high point for full visibility of the premises, allowing security officers to take actions immediately to any potential threats. Generally, the observation post is ideal for manufacturing and construction sites.  

Camera surveillance or CCTV


CCTV security or camera survelliance is another type of residential security patrol, involving 24//7 monitoring of the premises, without hiring a security officer. CCTV security is not only effective in dealing with potential threats and criminal activites, but also saves money on insurance premiums due to evidence of criminal activity. It is a great security measure to prevent the loss of valuable possession in warehouses, manufacturing, and retail sites. 



Hire licensed and trained residential security gaurds

If you want better security for your residence, or residential society, we have got you covered. Our licensed, certified and trained residential security guards will amp up your security to a whole new level.

Furthermore, our licensed guard is also required to undergo background checks, which adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind. In short, hiring licensed and trained residential security guards provides a higher level of protection and professionalism compared to hiring untrained individuals.

We hire residential security patrol personnels after careful scrutizining and investigation. It is to make sure that the residential security patrol guards have a clean record, trained and qualified to perform duties, and past experience.

We have the following procedure in place to ensure you get trustworthy security guards:

  • Pre Application Interview

  • Criminal Record Check

  • Past Employment History

  • Driving Record and License Check

  • Military Histroy Investigation

  • Drug Testing 

  • In-depth Interview 

Training and Certification 

Our security guards undergo proper training and has met the necessary requirements set by the law to carry out security duties. This means that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to handle various security situations effectively and professionally. 

With BSIS certification and complete security training, our residential security patrol guards are perfectly competent to keep you and your residence 100% safe and sound. They also undergo regular training sessions to ensure they are skills are updated with the latest security laws and compliance.

Your residence needs top-notch security. Let us help you materialize that goal.

Responsibilities of our residential security guard

 Here are some of the responsiblities every residential security guard has to fulfill. 

Alarm Response

Resdiential Security Patrol Officers are responsible for any threats whether it be in the form of vandalism, natural catastrophe, or fire erruption. Fire eruption can cause a number of casualities and loss of property. It is therefore important for residential security guards to respond to alarm whenever it triggers to control the situation before it worsens. 


Vacation Checks 

Going for vacation is exciting and fun. But one thing that haunts everyone before going for vacation is home security. With no one in the house, the possibilities of burglaries and thefts are high. However, with vacation check residential security services, you can spend vacation without worrying about security of your residence. With periodic security checks of your home, the residential security officer will ensure the security of doors and windows, keep track of vandalism, property damage, or any other safety concerns. In case of any threat, the owner of the house will be informed and appropriate measures will be taken. 


Foot or vehicle patrols

Foot or vehicle patrols are meant to offer on-site security of premises whether big or small. However, foot patrols are performed in small areas and premises, while the vehicle patrols are performed in larger areas. However, the resposbitliy of residential security patrol services is to keep watch on every activity resulting in harm or threat to property or lives of people.


Securing property entrances and exits

Entry and exit points are some of the most common paths for criminals to enter the premises and perform activities. But not when residential security patrols are constantly monitoring the premises and checking each person’s identity and verification. Securing property on entry and exit points is either done by installing barricades, fences, barbed wires, or walkthrough gates. The security personnel has to make sure that everyone entering the premises has got no such things that could result in harm or prove threat to others. 


Maintaining visitor and vendor logs

Security officers performing the duty are also responsible for maintaining visitors logs. By performing this activity, security guards make sure that everyone entering and leaving the premises are on watch. Moreover, these logs are also maintained to keep record of the purpose of visitor entering the building, time of entrance, and time of exit are also on the log book. 


Enforcing property and resident rules and regulations

Every property has its own set of rules and regulations that needs to be followed by everyone entering the premises. One of the primary responsbiltiies of residential security guards is to make sure that these laws and regulations are followed by everyone. 


Responding to suspicious activity

Residential security officers are hired for the purpose of monitoring the premises and take actions against any vandalism or potential threats. Every security guard hired is trained to perform certain acts that would mitigate the risks. During patrolling, if the residential security officer observes any kind of susucpious activity, he must immediately respond to it either by calling other security peronnel or by contacting law enforcement agencies. 


Managing emergency situations

Managing emergency situations also includes in the responsibilities of a residential security guard. Firstly the security guard needs to keep an eye on emergency situation of any kind and should be addressed immediately. For instance, if there is a potential threat of fire eruption, the security guard needs to make sure that fire extinguishers are working properly and are not expired. Moreover, private security guards have to call the respective authorities in case of any potential emergency such as fire brigade or police. And if the security guard is on duty at a retail store or large building, he should immediately evacuate the people inside the premises. 


Partnering with law enforcement

The residential security guards need to closely monitor the premises or site for any potential threat or criminal activity. In case of any suspicion, it is the responsibility of security guard to share information with the authorities and call local police to get teh situation under control. 


Assisting residents and guests

Residential areas are highly vulnerable to criminals, burglars, and thieves. Moreover, the threat of fire erruption and other secruity issues are need to be taken care of. In case of any potential threats, evacuation, and prevention of crime, the security personnel needs to asssist residents and guests to ensure their safety and prevent any incidents. 


Implementing emergency and evacuation plans

One of the responsibilities of residential security patrol officer is to implement emergency and evaluation plans. From clearing the entry and exit points to assisting the residents, security guards need to have a plan that would help them evacuate the building as soon as possible. 


Reviewing security footage

The threat of vandalism and theft is high inresidential areas. The residential security patrol officer needs to monitor the CCTV cameras and take necessary actions in case of threat or emergency. 



Types of residential areas we cover

Residential security services are of many types and can vary from one one residential type to another. Here are some common types of residential areas that we cover with our services. 


Gated Community 

Gated community security officers have to ensure that the residents and their guests are protected from any security threats. This includes controlling of everyone entering and exiting the gated community. It should be smooth and seamless for residents and their guests, but a hard one for criminals, thieves, and burglars. 

Apartments & Condominium security

Apartments and condominium security offer residents with premium security by monitoring CCTV cameras, 24 hours supervision by security personnel, and patrolling on foot or by vehicle in teh vicinity of apartments and condominium. 


Neighborhood HOA security

Neighborhood HOA Security is normally managed using gate locks, lighting, and security cameras. The purpose is to make sure that everyone in the community is safe by closely monitoring dark areas, unlocked gates, and overgrown landscaping. 


How to avail our Residential Security Services in San diego California?

If you are looking for patrol security in San Diego, look no further as we are here to take care of your security. With our Resiential Patrol security, you can get;

  • Around the clock security

  • Fully licensed, trained, and experienced security guards

  • Protection of valuable assets

  • Constant monitoring of premises 

  • Tailored patrol security to meet your requirements


Don’t get overwhelmed by rising security issues, as we have got your back. Hire professional  residential patrol services from us and get the peace of mind and security you need. Our security officers are just a call away. 

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