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Unarmed Security Guard Company offers well-trained and experienced security teams to deter crime and the risk of violence in industries, commercial sectors, residential areas, events, and more.


Unarmed Security Guard Company in San Diego to Keep You Safe Always

Professional security Guard Inc has well-trained unarmed security guards to make you feel safe, take prompt action when needed, and vigilantly record every suspicious activity. Our unarmed security services include:

Unarmed Security Services

24/7 Unarmed Security Services

You will get continuous surveillance of your place by a professional security guard who will keep an eye on the surroundings, knows when to call the law enforcement agencies, knows how to tackle criminals, and records every activity in a log.

Professional Unarmed Security Guards

Professional Unarmed Security Guards

Our unarmed security guards are trained to deter crime and violence without the use of weapons. The security guards are licensed and authorized to take appropriate steps in case of any security situation. The trained security guards come in proper uniform with communication devices to communicate with the owners and officials effectively.

Unarmed Security for every Business

Unarmed Security for every Business

We provide unarmed security guards in San Diego for every business that needs unarmed security by professionals. We provide trained security guards to individuals and businesses—from educational institutions, shopping complexes, to industries and constriction sites, and much more.

You Need Unarmed Security Guards For Your Property

Unarmed security guards are the best option to keep your people and property safe, without the use of weapons. Unarmed security guards deter security hazards by taking appropriate steps according to the situation. In addition, only well-trained security guards with years of experience know how to keep everyone safe with their skills and professionalism. The security concerns you face everyday include:

Unarmed Security Guards For Property

Best Unarmed Security Providers in California

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Hire Trained Unarmed Security Guards in San Diego and Be Safe At All Times

We’re an unarmed security guard company with experience and skill. Our unarmed security guards are available 24/7 to protect you and your property in the best possible way.

Whether you are building your company or residential property, it’s vital to make sure the construction site remains free of safety hazards. For this, you need professional construction site security services onboard.

Our recruitment process is transparent and efficient to make sure you get skilled individuals who know their job well. We select security guards by analyzing their background and evaluating them physically. After that, they are trained to manage security and deter crimes without the use of weapons.

Trained Unarmed Security Guards

Unarmed Security Guard Company in San Diego at Your Service

Professional security Guard Inc is based in California, providing tailored security solutions to businesses and individuals. Fill the form to get a quote and hire our security services. Why wait? Have peace of mind and secure your property and people with us.

Unarmed Security Guard Services - What To Expect?

Our specially trained unarmed security guards are capable of handling every security situation in a professional and quick way. Our unarmed security services include:

Resident and employees escort from vicinity to parking

Accompany your employees and/or guests with our security guards to make sure they reach inside of the property safe and sound. This prevents any criminal activity that might happen in the absence of professional security services.

Maintaining a safe and secure environment in business and residential area

Everyone needs a secure environment to work and live in. Our unarmed security guards make it possible by checking the entrance of the area and keeping an eye on the happenings keenly. The security guards promptly report to the authorities in case of any suspicious activity.

Perform Access control

Our trained unarmed security guards are capable of securing all three types of access control systems that are adjusted according to the company’s needs. The access control is safeguarded and no one is allowed to make changes except the authorities.

Monitor alarm systems and video surveillance

Our security guards monitor the alarm system and respond to it ASAP. The CCTVs are monitored continuously to deter security hazards effectively.

Best Security Providers in California

Quick. Valiant. Affordable

Sectors We Serve In

Our unarmed security services are well suited for:

Bank Security

We provide vigilant unarmed security guards to protect banks during and after working hours. It’s their duty to safeguard the employees, customers, and assets.

Apartment Complex Security and Patrols

Our unarmed security guards are available to provide 24/7 security in the residential area by keeping an eye on the individuals entering the complex and handling security situations professionally.

Restaurant/Bar Security

Unarmed security guards are best to provide a safe environment to the people in the restaurant by checking staff and individuals entering the premises.

Special Event Security

Whether it’s an official meetup or a private get-together, our unarmed security guards will make sure your event goes smoothly without any security loopholes.

Warehouse and Industrial Security

It’s vital to protect your employees and property in the industrial area. For this, our security guards are there to provide you with a strategic security plan and safeguard the site.

Commercial Office Complex Security and Patrols

Our trained unarmed security guards make your commercial complex safe from criminal activities and violence. The security guards take appropriate steps to maintain peace in the area.

Senior and Retirement Housing Community Security

You can hire our unarmed security guards to protect the housing communities. Our security guards check the vehicles and individuals entering the premises.

Residential Single Family Security

Take the services of our unarmed security guards to protect the housing communities. Our security guards check the vehicles and individuals entering the premises.

Retail Store Security

The unarmed security services are well-suited for retail shops to ensure the safety of employees and customers alike.

Construction Site Security

Our unarmed security guards in San Diego are trained to protect your construction site and make sure the construction process goes smoothly, day and night.

Hotel Security

Make your hotel security fool-proof by hiring unarmed security officers who will scrutinize everyone at the entrance and perform foot patrolling when needed.

Shopping Center Security and Patrols

We provide 24/7 surveillance and security guards for shopping centers. You can also ask for vehicle patrolling of the parking lot, exterior, and interior of the center for added security.

Our unarmed security guards also provide fire watch services to prevent fire hazards by taking appropriate measures and watching for fire outbreaks.

Duties of Unarmed Security Guard Company For Your Business

Duties of Commercial Security Guards

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ’s

How much does a 24/7 bodyguard cost?

If you want to hire a 24/7 bodyguard then make sure you take services from a professional and licensed security company. Prosecurity Guard Company provides experienced and fully trained bodyguards for peace of mind. Contact us for the package of our 24/7 bodyguard services.

What can an unarmed security guard carry?

Unarmed security guards carry flashlights, cell phones, other communication devices, security guard belts, and in some cases tasers.

However, security guards aren't allowed to carry weapons, tasers, batons, and firearms unless they're licensed to do so.

Why should businesses Hire unarmed security officers?

Unarmed security guards provide visual deterrence to keep away potential criminals. Unarmed security guards are capable of stopping anyone from entering the building or keeping away security hazards by taking prompt actions.

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