How To Be A School Security Guard

Many people want to become school guards but don’t know about the process. We are going to answer their question,” How to be a school security guard?” and will provide complete details about the requirements, qualifications, and roles of school security guards. 

School shootings are one of the most horrific experiences a student has to go through. With the increasing number of school shootings, school security guards have become more important than ever. They can not only prevent such shootings but can also save the students from any abductors operating outside the school grounds. Their job entails doing more than just watching the school hallways. Below is a complete guide to becoming a school security guard.

Minimum Requirements to Become a School Security Guard

The minimum requirements to become a security guard vary from state to state, but some of the most common and important ones include the following:

  1. Having a high school diploma or any equivalent education
  2. Completing the basic training. 
  3. Completing all the basic requirements to become a security guard. Once the guards fulfill all these, they can then go on to become school security guards. 
  4. Having good physical fitness as these guards have to stand for most of the day.
  5. Most of these guards are not armed, so they must have excellent hand-to-hand combat and other skills for security guard
  6. Having a good knowledge of all emergency protocols and standard operating procedures.
  7. If the school mandates firearm use, you need to have this training as well. 

School Security Guard Duties And Responsibilities

The responsibilities of school security guards vary in different schools based on the security condition of the school and their security preferences. But some basic duties and responsibilities with which the guards must comply include:

duties of security guard
  1. Doing security patrols around the area regularly and spotting any lapses in security. They should also follow all the essential tips for security guards. 
  2. Monitoring the security camera feed. The guards can easily keep a check on any perpetrators and can track their movements through security cameras. They can also alert other on-site guards if they spot any illegal activity. 
  3. Ensure a smooth movement of the students through the hallways and corridors during the starting and ending hours and during break times. This means that the guards have to arrive early than most students and leave the premises late once the majority of the students have left. 
  4. Interfere in unmannerly activities being done by the students and prevent any altercation between them.

How To Be a School Security Guard? The Procedure

The exact procedure varies from state to state, but some of the common steps include:

  1. Getting the basic training to become familiar with the job duties, and becoming a security guard first. If you are not aware of the 
  2. Getting the guard card. Having a guard card, also known as a security guard license, from the proper authorities. This guard card is essential for every guard and shows that they have completed their training and are eligible to handle all security situations.
  3. Applying to school security guard jobs to get the required experience. This experience is not mandatory, but some big schools and colleges ask for it so as to trust the guards with their responsibilities. The more experience you have, the greater your chances of getting selected by big institutions.

Once you get selected, you can start your path to becoming the best school security guard in the field, can monitor the activities of the children in the school, and can protect their lives in case of any danger. 

How Do I Become a School Security Officer In California?

All the basic steps for becoming a school security guard in California are the same as the ones described above. One difference, however, in California is that the authorizing body for security guards in California is the Bureau Of Security And Investigative Services (BSIS), which makes its own rules and regulations, which the guards must follow in order to advance in any security field, including the school security one. Thus the guards in California must comply with BSIS and apply only through this company to start providing school security services. 

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Do I Need Some Extra Experience In Addition to The Basic Training? 

Most security guard jobs only need the guard to have the basic training and combat skills to allow them to work on the field. The school security job, however, is a little different in this case. 

Since the outlay and the whole structure of the school building differs in every area, on-site training becomes mandatory for each guard. Having this on-the-job training ensures that the guards are well aware of the whole area, and know all the entry and exit points, as well as other potential points of intrusion. The guards interact with the school staff during this training, thus they become familiar with them and other security personnel present in the area. Their knowledge of the area allows them to counter any threats effectively. Thus, in addition to the basic training, the guards also need to have on-the-job training.

How Much Does A School Security Guard Make?

The exact salary for school security guards differs from state to state and with each school and educational institution. It also depends on the seniority level of the guard and his experience. However, the basic starting salary for each school guard is about $35,000.

school security

This figure is not constant for each guard, as some can also make up to six figures a month. The higher position the guard is working in, the higher his salary will be. Some veteran guards also enjoy many other benefits of being a security guard, besides their basic salary packages.


  1. What is the importance of security guard in school?

School security guards are crucial for teachers’ and students’ safety. Having a guard on the school premises gives the students a sense of security and makes their learning easier and more productive. It also gives the parents peace of mind, knowing that their children are in safe hands.

  1. How to apply for school security guard?

The exact procedure to become a security guard varies with each state and each school. In California, the  Bureau Of Security And Investigative Services (BSIS) oversees the whole process. Thus contacting them will be the first step to becoming a school security guard, and the further application process will commence from there. 

  1. What is an sb1626 certificate?

This is a school security certification put into effect by the Bureau Of Security And Investigative Services (BSIS) in California, having this certification is essential to become a security guard, as having it shows that you have the required training and the expertise to become a school security guard in California. 


We have provided you with all the details about the jobs of school security guards and have talked about the requirements, qualifications, and procedures to become one, as well as discussed their salaries. Hopefully, all this detail answers your question, “How to be a school security guard?” 

School security guards are becoming increasingly important these days, and the field is getting popular with small and sizgnificant educational institutions. Thus, if you were wondering about joining the field, now is the chance to do so. 


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