Security For Private Events: All You Need To Know

Private events are meant to be intimate and enjoyable. But they can turn into a disaster if some mishap occurs that you weren’t prepared for. It happens more often than you think. That’s why security for private events is vital to make them safe for everyone. 

If you’re still not sure then read below and know why you need to hire professional security guards for your private events. You’ll also come to know about how and where to hire trained and trustworthy guards from. 

So, let’s dive in. 

Is Security For Private Event Necessary? 

Yes. Even if you think the event is insignificant, a security hazard can occur. Remember, security hazards usually occur when you aren’t prepared for them. 

When you gather people at an event, security risks are always there. High-risk events include political campaigns, public speaking, concerts, etc where you need to have an event security system in place to ensure your guests safely reach back to their homes. 

However, for private events that are just for close family and friends without any vital personality, you can hire one or two guards to ensure the event goes well. 

When you are organizing a private event, it’s vital to come up with: 

  • Apt security plan that helps you to have peace of mind during the event. An on-point security plan helps you know the security risks and how to minimize them. 
  • A plan to evacuate the guests in case of any security mishap. 
  • An event security system that will spot security hazards and help you take prompt and accurate action. 
  • A systematic approach to event security for efficient risk management. 

This strategic security approach needs professionals. Hiring a professional team will help you focus on your event management while the team will take care of all your security needs. 

What Services are Included In Private Event Security 

When you organize an event, you must jot down your security needs. If a parking lot needs proper security, you have to hire guards who will patrol and keep an eye on vehicles and people in the parking lot. 

You can opt for full-range event security guard services or just any service that will make your event safe for your guests. 

Staffing Services

This includes ticket attendants, seating assistants, and customer service agents. All these event security officers are trained to ensure they keep your event safe from suspects and criminals. The security guard firm should know how many security guards per person should be enough to manage your event smoothly.

Parking Management 

You can use skilled security guards’ services to ensure your event’s parking area remains safe throughout. It includes checking every vehicle entering and leaving the parking lot and reporting any suspect immediately. 

Guest Security Checks 

You can opt for this event security service to ensure no suspect in your guests. Our guest security check officers have great communication skills, inspecting your guests at check-ins respectfully but cautiously. 

VIP & Executive Protection 

If someone important is invited to your event, you need security guards to ensure your VIP guests remain safe throughout. The guards keep a close eye on the surroundings and walk along with your executive guests to keep them safe. 

Mobile Patrols & Canine Security 

This isn’t necessary for small intimate gatherings. But if your event has VIPs and the venue is also unsafe, then it’s better to have continuous patrolling around the boundary to keep suspects away and observe all the happenings going on. The trained security guards record every patrol detail and report to the authorities if needed. 

Employee Supervision

If you have hired employees for your event, then it’s essential to keep an eye on your staff to maintain an event’s security. The event security services also include supervisors of your employees or volunteers working during the event. It also includes a brief given to them to handle security emergencies professionally. 

Private Event Security Cost

Event security services are expensive compared to ordinary security services. You can get tailored security services depending on your needs. 

For example, if the event is in a high-risk area or it’s a private party where the guests might get out of control, you need security guards to keep an eye on the crowd and ensure that everyone remains safe. This is why hiring security guards for your party is important to ensure your guests have a good time and enjoy themselves. You might also need patrolling services. 

So, the cost of event security services depends upon your security needs. But it would help if you always looked for professional, trained, and licensed private security guards to keep your event safe for all. 

For example, nowadays, it’s essential to have a safety and security plan for your weddings due to the increase in crime rate, and that’s why we advise hiring wedding security guards to ensure your wedding ceremony goes smoothly.

Hire Professionals For Your Private Event’s Security 

Once you know which type of security you want for your event, the next step is hiring someone. But always make sure you hire trained, experienced, and trustworthy security guards who know their job well. 

The duties of security guards for an event include: 

  • To get started, a strategic security plan is developed to manage the security of the event throughout and safeguard the lives of your guests and staff 
  • Surveillance of the area for any suspicious activity 
  • Keeping a close eye on the entrance and making sure to stop any unwanted individuals from coming in
  • Make sure there is only one entry point and check each individual before allowing them to join in 
  • Observing the individuals in the registration line  
  • Identifying potential risks promptly and taking appropriate action when needed 
  • Controlling the crowd/mob to secure the lives of all individuals. Our security guards are trained to counter violence professionally and handle any security situation throughout the event. 
  • The guests are checked for any weapons and unnecessary items they might carry along. This is done at the entrance point.
  • Monitoring the staff and guests throughout the event  
  • Taking prompt action for troublesome individuals during the event 
  • Reporting any suspicious behaviour to the organizers without a delay

If you aren’t sure what to do for fool-proof security of your event, hire professionals and don’t risk your guests’ lives. 

Professional Security Guard Inc Company has licensed security officers trained to cater to all your event security needs to ensure your event goes smoothly, with zero security hazards. 

Our event security team follow a strict event security planning checklist and is specialized to: 

  • Make a strategic security plan that will help organize the security system. They will position their security guards as entry and exit points and make a plan to help evacuate the guests in an emergency. 
  • Make sure all people entering your event place are your guests. They match the IDs of every individual with the data given by you. Also, all the guests are checked at entry points. 
  • Keep a close eye on the happenings during the event and record/report susceptible activities. 
  • Take prompt action when required. We have event security guards who undergo special intervention training and excellent communication skills to make sure they can handle any situation professionally. 

The security plan and execution depend upon the event’s nature and the associated security risks. We provide a full range of event security services and customized services for your private events as well to ensure you get complete event security according to your needs. 

The Bottom Line 

Private events are fun and enjoyable when they are safe for everyone. Various incidents are reported where private events become a disaster because of a flawed security system and plan. 

So, if you’re organizing an event, hire experienced security guards from a trusted and experienced private security firm to keep your event safe. Above, you will find reasons why you should have security for private events and where to go for the best security services for your events. 


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