10 Must-Have Skills For Security Guard

If you’re hiring a security guard, then you can’t pick and choose anyone who “seems” fit for the job. There are a few mandatory skills for the security guards that they must have to protect their valuables and human lives. 

Security guards must enforce regulations and ensure everything (including people) is safe and sound. This needs a set of inbuilt skills that are sharpened by appropriate training for security guards

Without these skills, you just waste your money and put your loved ones’ lives and assets at stake. 

So let’s find out 10 skills that security guards must have to take this responsibility on their shoulders. 

Key Skills For Security Officer/Guard

Security guards are meant to take risks and serious steps to save lives and assets. This certainly isn’t an easy job and needs sheer dedication and a sharp skill set and is considered a key skill of a security guard. 

Security guards should have sharp skills to remain active and alert throughout. They should be good at managing difficult situations, reliable, and have excellent communication skills. These skills, along with proper training and guidance, make a capable security guard that you can rely on. 

This isn’t it. They need to have sharp decision-making skills to take appropriate steps when required without panicking. 

Let’s find out the essential skills that security guards should possess. These skills are important for both static and patrol guards. 

Hard skills for security guard

Hard skills are those that are developed through continuous training and are improved with time. Security guards must have a few hard skills to start with. Hard skills are especially important for armed security guards but equally essential for unarmed security guards to tackle various security situations. 

Operation and maintenance of the security system

A security guard should know how to operate a security system and when it needs to be prepared. This requires training and then practice. 

For flawless and maximum security, the security system should be in place. It’s the duty of security guards to operate the security system and use it appropriately to monitor activities and report suspicions immediately. This can’t be done randomly.

Using a fire alarm system appropriately. 

To prevent fire hazards, security guards deployed as fireguards should have skills to use the fire alarm system promptly when required. The guards should know when and how to use the fire alarm and what to do if it’s not working properly. 

Use of communication devices 

Security guards must communicate using communication devices that are different from regular phones. So, security guards should know how to use those devices effectively in order to remain in touch with their team. 

They should also know what to do if their device isn’t working to respond quickly when required. 

Use of digital record system

Security guards use various audio and video recording systems to deter crime in the most effective way. They record all the activities in these devices and the data is used when required. 

This can’t be done if the security guard is naïve about when and how to use these devices. This needs serious skills to use these devices appropriately and effectively. 

Weapon handling 

Lastly, armed security guards must know how to use weapons appropriately. They are trained to use and maintain their weapons to use them when required. They should have the skills to handle the weapons professionally during various security situations. 

Soft skills for security personnel

Soft skills refer to personality traits that a security guard must possess to be good at their job. Following are the soft skills needed for security guards, regardless of where they are deployed. 


Communication skills are on the top for a purpose. Security guards not only have to stand and watch out but they also have to interact with every type of person—your employees, clientele, suspects, etc. So they need to have the best communication skills. They should know what to talk about and in which way. This not only looks professional but also helps to keep away suspects and have a great impression of your business on other people. 


What if you hire a security guard but they tend to be lazy and sleepy? It will not only badly impact your business but also waste money and time. So, ensure the security guard you’re hiring is always alert while on duty. 

Security guards are trained to be alert and conscious. This is important whether they work within or outside the building. 

Critical thinking 

Security guards should think out-of-the-box. They shouldn’t just hear and see obvious things. They must think about possibilities. They should have a critical mind that asks questions and is curious to find answers. 

This skill is really important to keep criminals away and solve various security concerns efficiently. 


When there is more than one guard, each has to interact with their teammate to secure your site. This can’t be done if the security guard doesn’t know how to interact with their fellows. 

So teamwork is also an important skill that helps safeguard large areas without difficulty. 


What to do if your security guard doesn’t know how to reach and tackle security scenarios? It would be difficult and unbearable. So, make sure the one you’re hiring knows what to do in various situations to normalize everything within no time. 

Final Thoughts – Skills For Security Guard

Your business needs security with zero loopholes. For that, you need the security system is not only a place but also a security guard team with key skills and abilities to tackle all sorts of situations because it’s about the safety of humans and your assets. Above, we have listed skills that MUST be present in the security guards you’re hiring. These skills and other qualities will help them give their best and safeguard your place the way it should be. 


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