The Importance Of Security Guards, Their Need And Benefits

The world today is seeing an overwhelming increase in the numbers of thefts, robberies, and gunpoint crimes. Thus, having a personal and business security system in place has become quintessential, even to the point that it can be labeled a basic need of the masses. And since the San Diego area is booming with small and large businesses, the need of having a security system has become more prominent than ever and the importance of security guards has also increased a lot. 

A proper security setup, with an operating room, cameras, and security guards, can undoubtedly boost the business’s credibility. Still, since many small businesses can’t afford to put a sound security system in place, the responsibility for the well-being of many of these rests on the shoulders of security guards.

Let’s explore why security guards are needed and what are the business areas where their presence becomes quintessential. 

Who Hires Security Guards?

Security guards are generally hired by companies that deal with large amounts of cash on a daily basis, as well as those who are involved in public matters and thus see huge crowds every day. But there is no hard and fast rule about the types of companies that need security guards as many small businesses and private hotels and bars are also seen looking for guards to protect their facilities.

Some other notable facilities where the importance of security guard services is paramount include malls, shopping centers, sports facilities, government organizations, and gaming centers. Other institutions where the services of a courtesy officer might also be needed are banks, hotels, museums, clubs and bars, and learning institutions like schools and colleges. 

Why Is Security Important?

In today’s world of increasing crimes, there is more demand for armed security. As the criminals keep updating their methods of crime, only the cameras and surveillance are not enough.

This is where having a security guard becomes important, as they can prevent any unfortunate incidence befalling any businesses, large companies, or even individuals. Through their rigorous training routines, they can detect any threat or contraband from a distance and can timely take proper measures to neutralize it. Some of the most important aspects where the role of a security guard becomes crucial include : 

Prevention Of Crimes

Security guards help keep crimes at bay because the mere presence of a guard is enough sometimes to prevent thieves, robbers, and criminals from carrying out their hideous plans. Guards are well aware of their duties and are well trained so that they can detect suspicious activity and people from a distance and can take appropriate preventive measures before any crime can happen.

Creating A Safe Business Environment

People working on business sites are more productive when they feel secure. It leads to increased productivity and a better work environment. Customers also feel safe when they see a security guard outside a retail store or company and prefer doing shopping or business at these places. 

Improving Customer Service

A security guard is mainly responsible for the safety of the lives of employees and customers, but also improves coordination between employees and customers. He can even help customers sometimes by listening to their concerns, sorting out their problems, and even guiding them in the right direction. Even small gestures like opening the doors for customers have a significant impact on customers and result in a boost in sales.

Providing Instant Response

In case of a crime or an emergency, although the response time of police and paramedics is quick, an armed security guard present on site can provide a much quicker response and sort out any problem. A cross-trained security guard can also give first aid or CPR to customers during emergency conditions and thus can save their lives. Judging by all this, we can clearly extrapolate the importance of security guards on a business site.

Maintaining order at the workplace

Security guards ensure the maintenance of order at a workplace. You come across all kinds of customers, including drunkards and amateur rule violators. Having security at the workplace keeps them in check and makes sure of smooth operations.

In case of mobs or large crowds, guards can monitor the people and help keep the situation under control. If the need arises, they can take disciplinary action against any perpetrators.

Providing Peace Of Mind

Having a security guard at the premises of your office or business, or home gives an increased sense of safety. You are less worried about the safety of your loved ones or employees, or yourself by having a person protecting and keeping an eye on things for you. It gives you peace of mind that is accompanied by increased productivity.

Now that you have realized the importance of security in different places, you can judge for yourself why the need for security guards arises and can easily answer the question, why are security guards important?

Need For Security In Different Places

As we have discussed the importance of security, it is clear that they are must-haves. In the next part, we will try to explain many different places that need security guards.

For Public Spaces

Public spaces are easily accessible to create disruptions or violence without much effort. Police personnel is often available at public gatherings, but in other public areas, police patrols can sometimes be slow to arrive and more often than not show up after an unfortunate incident has already occurred. Having a security guard on the spot can help prevent such unpleasant incidents. 

In addition to preventing crimes, security guards can be helpful in public places like retail stores, shopping malls, or theatres. They are the first person someone encounters while visiting these public places. They know these places well and can guide people who ask for help.

People are more disciplined when they see someone monitoring them. In public spaces, security guards can take action against people causing a disorder. So it makes people behave well and follow rules for the betterment of everyone. An emergency medical situation can also arise, and a trained security guard can provide first aid to affected persons until the paramedics arrive and give proper care. These first aids are often a matter of life and death for some people. 

In short, they maintain order, prevent crimes, guide people, and provide medical assistance if needed. From all this, the importance of security guards in schools and colleges can be easily assessed. 

For Businesses

Businesses, whether small or large, deal with large amounts of cash flow daily. There is always a risk associated with this flow since such companies are major sites of thefts, robberies, and shoplifting. Moreover, there is always a danger concerning the precious lives of customers and employees at such hot spots. 

Thus all businesses need security guards to help them protect their assets and the lives of people working inside, as well as to help and guide customers in small tasks. Having a guard at the business site gives people a sense of security, and they can efficiently perform their duties.

Moreover, the guards can also become customer service ambassadors. They can control access to certain building areas and direct customers accordingly. This improves interactions between the guards and the customers and can help increase the business’s credibility. 

Moreover, they can also prevent any criminal activity, monitor security cameras, check customer credentials, and prevent the entry of any illegal items or contraband into a facility.

For Individuals

Security guards can also provide valuable services for many individuals, including VIPs, celebrities, and, in fact, everyone who is in fear of his safety. For individuals having strong public or political influence, having a security guard protecting their lives becomes very important as unseen attacks on such VIPs can occur at any time. 

More often than not, individuals are also threatened by various stalkers who are seen lurking around their houses or their vehicles when they go out in public. For such individuals, security guards provide a sense of peace and become a barrier between the individual and the stalker to prevent any mishaps from happening.

For individuals occupying government positions and having political influence, the security provided by guards is also essential. Such individuals are often targets of many opposite-minded persons who don’t always agree with the viewpoints of the influencer. Attacks on these influencers are widespread; thus, having a security guard can sometimes become a matter of life and death for the individual.

Always Hire Security Guards From A Professional Security Guard Company

Now you know the benefits of having a security guard for your business or your security. Since these guards deal with the security of individuals whose life is priceless, the importance of security assessment of these guards is paramount. The security guard companies that are certified by authorities and are well-known among the masses for their security services should be your first priority when choosing security guards for your personal protection or protection of your business. 

We at Professional Security Guard Inc. provide the best security services for all your needs. Our guards are highly trained and know all ins and outs of every security protocol and emergency. Security provided by us will be the best thing your business needs for its safety and progress. 

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the essential function of a security guard?

The essential function of a security guard is to look for and recognize any threats to the safety and well-being of a company or an individual business and mitigate these threats without causing any difficulty to individuals of the company.

2. What are the benefits of a security guard?

The benefits of security guards are too many to count. These include preventing crimes, customer communications, monitoring a facility and its premises and looking for any suspicious activity, maintaining order, and above all, giving customers and staff of a company peace of mind. 


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