6 Different Types of Security Guards And Their Roles 

To make your business safe in every way, you should be well aware of the different types of security guards and which one to hire for your particular security needs. 

Every event, business, or site has specific security needs and this is why you need to know what type of security guard you should be hiring. We have discussed the role and duties of different security guards so that you can easily decide and hire the exact type of security guard based on your needs.

What are the different types of security guards? 

So here’s the thing: NOT every security guard is capable of catering to all your security needs as each type of guard is trained to provide security for specific purposes and industries. 

For example, you need to hire trained commercial security for your construction site but an unarmed security guard would be enough for a residential building. 

While it’s important to note the difference between each type of guard, it’s also crucial to know how much does it costs to hire a guard so that you can hire the right guard for your business.

Let’s look into the types of security guards and their job roles in detail:

Unarmed and Armed Security Guards 

Unarmed security guards are the best option to keep your people and property safe, without the use of weapons. Unarmed security guards deter security hazards by taking appropriate steps according to the situation. Only well-trained security guards with years of experience know how to keep everyone safe with their skills and professionalism.

If you have a business that needs more security or the site is riskier, armed security guards will be a better option. Armed security guards get the proper training to use weapons (if and when required) and license. Professional and well-trained security guards know when they have to use weapons in an appropriate way. 

Duties of unarmed and armed security guards include:

  • Checking every individual entering the premises
  • Maintaining security by preventing any harmful acts and keeping away suspects with prominent visibility
  • Ensuring the safety of everyone by performing security access control services on vehicles and individuals 
  • Foot patrolling the area if necessary
  • Educating the individuals to follow security checks so they should have good communication skills 
  • Monitoring alarm systems and CCTVs and taking prompt action when needed 
  • Investigating, recording, and informing about suspicious activities to the concerned officials 
  • Going through the security plan and informing about the flaws 
  • Performing maintenance checks on security systems and equipment professionally 
  • Keeping a log to record every important activity 
  • Knowing and adhering to the security department regulations

Commercial Security Guards

Whether you have a really successful business or you’re just a start-up, it’s vital to have a security system that prevents vandalism and theft. The security system also includes professionally trained uniformed security guards who will monitor your property 24/7. 

As a business owner, you should make sure your company and your employees are safe from criminals and natural hazards. And that’s why you need commercial security guards. 

Duties of commercial security guards for businesses include: 

  • Enforce rules and your company’s security policy for the safety of all individuals 
  • Promptly respond to security emergencies
  • Keep an eye on all the activities, maintain a log for suspicious activities, and report the authorities when needed
  • Maintain logs for visitors and guests, noting down their ID card numbers, entry time, and exit time
  • Protect the interior and exterior of the building through patrolling 
  • Perform foot and vehicle patrol whenever needed
  • Maintaining the security of the parking lot and ensuring a seamless flow of traffic 
  • Ensuring everyone is taking safety measures in the area
  • Monitor the building’s security alarm, fire alarm, and CCTVs to make sure they are working properly. 
  • Monitor surveillance systems and another security system to make sure everything is working properly and ready for unanticipated scenarios 
  • Excellent communication skills to talk with people in a courteous yet firm way
  • Protect property and your assets in every possible way

Fire Watch Guards 

Fire watch security is essential for businesses, commercial, and residential areas (apartments, buildings) alike; to minimize the risk of fire outbreaks. Our fire watch guards are specially trained to make your property fire-free in every way. 

Fire watch guard duties to protect your property include:

  • 24/7 patrolling to keep a close eye on potential hazards. 
  • Contacting the authorities to alert them in case of potential vulnerabilities. 
  • Keeping a log to store all information collected through controlling. Sharing the detailed data with the authorities whenever needed. 
  • Testing fire-monitoring systems, fire extinguishers, and alarms to make sure they’re in working condition. 
  • Giving a fire response plan to prevent and minimize damage caused by fire outbreaks. 
  • Promptly responding in case of a fire. Our fire watch guards will handle the situation professionally until the firefighter team arrives. 
  • Informing the fire department in case of fire outbreaks and keeping them aware of all the relevant details. 

It is also important to note that not every type of guard can detain a person from a facility so make your decision wisely when hiring a security guard for your business.

Event Security Guards

When you gather people, security risks are always there. High-risk events include political campaigns, public speaking, concerts, etc where you need to have an event security system in place to make sure your guests reach back to their homes safely. Even if your event is private, you might need a security check to keep everyone safe. 

Duties of event security guards include:

  • The first step is to develop a strategic security plan to manage the security of the event throughout and safeguard the lives of your guests and staff 
  • Surveillance of the area for any suspicious activity 
  • Keeping a close eye on the entrance and making sure to stop any unwanted individuals to come in
  • Make sure there is only one entry point and check each individual before allowing them to join in 
  • Observing the individuals in the registration line  
  • Identifying potential risks promptly and taking appropriate action when needed 
  • Controlling the crowd/mob to secure the lives of all individuals. Our security guards are trained to counter violence professionally and handle any security situation throughout the event 
  • The guests are checked for any weapons and unnecessary items they might carry along. This is done at the entrance point
  • Monitoring the staff and guests throughout the event  
  • Taking prompt action for troublesome individuals during the event 
  • Reporting any suspicious behavior to the organizers without a delay

Construction Site Security Guards

Whether you are building your company or residential property, it’s vital to make sure the construction site remains free of safety hazards. For this, you need professional construction site security services onboard. 

The duties of our construction security guards include: 

  • Armed and unarmed security officers protect the construction site 24/7. They remain alert and prevent any suspect from entering the site. 
  • Access control is managed to make the construction process systematic for contractors and subcontractors. 
  • Fire watch services are provided by keeping an eye on fire alarms, making sure there is no risk of fire hazards, and taking prompt action in case of fire outbreaks. 
  • Managing guard tracking systems to ensure safety at all times. 
  • Security technology solutions are presented in case the security system fails. 
  • Mobile patrolling is done day and night and notable activities are recorded. 
  • Daily activity reports are presented to the officials so that the security plan is revised if needed.  

Mobile Security Guards 

If you have security guards inside your property but you don’t know what’s going on in the surroundings then there is always a risk of a security hazard. Patrolling by skilled security officers helps keep your area completely safe by keeping an eye on your surroundings and taking the right actions when needed. 

Duties of mobile security guards include:

  • Alarm response. Our patrol security officers are trained to respond to the security alarm by taking proper measures. Our security guards take steps to keep away the security hazard until the law enforcement team arrives. 
  • Interior and exterior inspections are done in intervals. Every suspicious activity is recorded to make a strategic security plan. 
  • Locking and unlocking your building or amenity is done by our patrol team in the most responsible way. 
  • Parking lot surveillance and parking enforcement are done to maintain discipline and security.  
  • Our patrol team is also trained to do equipment inspections/adjustments in a professional way and report any concerns to you. 
  • First-in/last-out employee escorts are part of our patrol team to make sure your employees or guests reach inside safely. You can call our employee escort team for night duty staff.
  • Welfare checks are done on request. Our patrol team arrives and checks on the health of the individual whenever you are concerned about them. 

So now we hope that the difference in the role of each guard is clear to you.

Hire Trained Security Guards For Peace of Mind 

As a businessman or an individual, You ALWAYS need professionals for flawless security and now you know the different types of security guards that can best serve you and your business. . A minor mistake in hiring a security guard can ruin your business and reputation. So it’s a good idea to take services from licensed security guard companies in san diego rather than individuals. 

Professional security guard team is trained to provide services to businesses, industries, and individuals. But one security guard isn’t for all. You need to hire security guards for your particular security needs. Contact us to get advice on what type of security guards you need for your security concerns. 

We provide trained and licensed security guards for industries, businesses, and individuals all over California.


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