Essential Security Tips for Security Guards 

The security guard job comes with certain risks and dangers. While protecting others from dangers and threats, these guards put themselves in the hands of these dangers and can often become badly injured. Such conditions call for specific tips for security guards, which they must follow to be safe and secure.

Though different work environments need different sets of security guard tips and tricks to avoid danger while simultaneously protecting customers’ lives, some general tips are the same, and they must be familiar with these. Following them can sometimes be between life and death for security guards. If you’re the one living in California and are searching for a security guard company in san Diego we recommend you contact Professional security Guard Inc. because of its highly trained staff.

Top 10 Tips for Security Guards

In addition to the basic training, and the requirements to become a security guard, the list of security tips for security guards is very extensive, but if we are to pick the top 10 ones out of it, they would be as follows:

  1. It would help if you had a clear understanding of all the required duties of the job and should know their roles. They should also have a complete idea of how to operate firearms if any such difficult situation arises. 
  2. It would be best if you had a good understanding of first aid and the CPR process. You can use these skills to protect yourself also in case of any emergency. You should know which diseases are transmitted by blood and thus should wear extra practice and extra precautions when dealing with injured or wounded people. 
  3. Wear comfortable and practical protective gear. The gear should be able to protect you from any firearm bullets and should be light and compact to give you the required agility. 
  4. You should have a good command over the art of silent observation and stealthy operations. By maintaining stealth under challenging situations, you will attract much less attention and danger and will be able to eliminate threats without their knowing. This will also create less turmoil and will not disturb people much. 
  5. Understand the environment of the job site to get a clear idea of the threats that might arise. 
  6. Be aware of the emergency protocols to follow in case of disasters like earthquakes and tornadoes and emergencies like robberies, hostage situations, and terrorist attacks. 
  7. Have a clear idea of the entries and exits of an area. You should be able to navigate through the area day and night. 
  8. Use tactful shoes, preferably ones having a good amount of friction. Such shoes will provide you the grip to run on various slippery surfaces. 
  9. If you handle the security of parking lots or traffic areas, make sure to be aware of the traffic around you to prevent any accidents. Watch your surroundings before approaching your vehicle.
  10. You should have a clear of your human powers and should be able to judge the extent to which you can help others. Ensure your security before going in to help others in need, and don’t get involved in any impossible-to-get-out situation.

Do’s And Don’ts For Security Guards

Security guards should have a clear idea of what the job entails and be completely aware of what is expected and not expected. Here are some of the most important Do’s and Dont’s of the security guard job:


Wear Protective Gear And Proper Equipment 

Having good quality protective gear and proper working equipment is a must. Guards don’t usually realize the importance of good protective gear until they are caught deep in an emergency, and their protective equipment fails. Having good equipment in working order is also equally essential and will save you from a dangerous position. We highly recommend all the articles on this list of security guard equipment we made.

Enhance Alertness 

We talked about this in the security tips for guards. We can’t stress this point enough, as being alert on the job will allow you to locate danger and give your subsequent actions quickness and agility. You will be able to outperform any dangers and will quickly react to any imminent danger. 

Know Your Surroundings

Many critical conditions occur when the security guards don’t understand their surroundings well and are not aware of any hotspots and potential hiding places of intruders. In such cases, the guards are caught off-guard, and the intruders get an advantage. Thus to protect their own life and the lives of others, guards should know their surroundings well. 

In addition, there are certain qualities of a security guard that the guards must have in order to do their jobs in a better way.


Cheap Gear

To save a few bucks, many guards get cheap off-brand protective gear and equipment and are surprised when these fail them at crucial times. Many times the security vests become faulty, or the boots give up. In such cases, the guards can’t perform well, and this lapse has severe consequences for the guards and those around them. 

Sleeping On Duty

This mistake should be a criminal offense, but many guards commonly adopt it. Sleeping on the job exposes the area to danger and gives the intruders an advantage to attack the guards themselves and neutralize them. Thus it can create danger for both the guard and other people. 

Being Physically Unfit

The needs of the security job call for the guard to be physically fit. This enables them to have quick maneuvers and neutralize any intruders on the run or chase any vehicles in close reach. Thus being fit and lacking any body disability is a prerequisite for the security job, and lack of fitness can put the guard in grave situations. 


What a security guard shouldn’t do?

A security guard should not be physically unfit. He should not have faulty gear or equipment and should not sleep on the job.

What is the 11 GO of a security guard?

11 GO means the 11th general order of the security guards. It means remaining watchful at all times, especially the night, challenging all the incoming people at a security post, and not letting anyone pass without proper authorization. 

What powers do security guards have?

They do have arrest powers, but these are the same as the arrest powers of any ordinary citizen. They can arrest people only when they see them committing an offense, such as theft or property damage. To arrest people for shoplifting, they must wait for them to get out of the store, which is private property. 


Security guards are the backbone of many establishments and are sometimes the only resistance to intruders and attackers. To protect others, they must ensure their security first and follow all the safety protocols before putting themselves in any complex situation. All should follow the tips for security guards, and they should have a clear idea of the do’s and don’ts of the job. Only then will they be able to perform their duties to the best of their abilities and will be able to help and protect others. 


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