What Is A Fire Watch Security Guard?

Wondering what is a fire watch security guard and why you need them? If you’re a business owner, industry owner whose site is under construction, hotel manager, or residential building owner, you must need a fire watch. This is not only the State’s requirement but also for the safety of your property and people. 

Imagine a construction site where open firework is going on, without any fire alarm system or sprinkler. The life of your workers and visitors will be at stake. Imagine a residential area where there is no fire watch. The life of all the residents would be at stake, 24/7. 

This makes fire watch security guards an essential requirement for the well-being of people. In this article, we will discuss all about what a fire watch security guard is. If you’re passionate about being a fire watch or looking to hire a professional fire watch, read further to safeguard everyone efficiently from fire hazards. 

What Includes In a Fire Watch Security? 

Fire watch security includes all the guard services to prevent fire outbreaks. This includes having skilled fire watch guards, reporting fire events, evacuating people in case there is any fire hazard, taking prompt action to minimize damage, using fire equipment professionally, and taking steps to prevent fire outbreaks at any cost. 

According to the National Fire Protection Association, you need to hire at least one fire watch at your construction site or building to keep away fire hazards effectively. 

fire watch security guard

What Does A Fire Watch Do?

Fire watch security guards are trained to tackle fire emergencies, keep a check on the maintenance of fire equipment, and evacuate people efficiently. Their job role includes: 

  • Avoiding fire injury and loss of life of your workers or visitors on the construction site. Injuries are caused due to ignoring safety measures regarding fire outbreaks, one of which is having a quick fire response team to handle fire-related emergencies. 
  • Preventing and minimizing the damage to commercial property or construction sites through timely detection of fire emergencies. Conducting systematic surveillance to minimize the risk of such emergencies including hazardous fire outbursts. 
  • Maintaining routine logs as the evidence required by local officials and insurance companies. It’s the duty of a fire guard, to systematically document their findings as they patrol the unoccupied and the occupied areas of any building, effectively sharing it with the management on-site and their company in real-time.
  • Following OSHA fire prevention plan guidelines and assuring proper regulations to prevent fire hazards such as conducting surveillance effectively, contacting emergency services when needed, assisting in an evacuation in case of a fire-related calamity, and making fire equipment readily available. 

The role of fire watch guards also depends upon your fire security needs. If you have a lathe construction area then fire watch guards should patrol the area as well to look for any fire hazards and prevent them effectively. 

You might need more than one fire watch guard or just one guard, depending upon your needs. If you have faulty fire equipment and sprinklers then it’s vital to hire a fire watch who will maintain the equipment and prevent fire outbreaks. 

Who Needs a Firewatch Security Guard? 

Fire watch guards are for all the buildings and construction areas that are susceptible to fire hazards in any way. It’s not only the requirement of the Government but will also ensure the safety of everyone. 

You need fire watch guards for following:

Business Complexes 

You need continuous and systematic surveillance for fire hazards in your business center to make your property safe and secure. Hire fire watch guards who are trained to inspect the building and fire equipment in case of fire outbreaks. 

Educational Institutes

Professional fire watch services for schools, colleges, universities are needed, to minimize the risk of fire hazards. The fire watch guards should always be ready to safeguard the educational institution from fire outbreaks. 

Residential Areas 

Whether it’s a residential building, apartments, or residential sector, you need 24/7 fire watch guards. The residents will get peace of mind as they’ll know their place is safe from every kind of fire hazard. 

A Fire Watch Security Guard

Medical Facilities 

You need skilled fire watch guards to protect hospitals and clinics from fire outbreaks. Look for a security guard company that provides fire watch guards to protect medical facilities professionally.

Construction Sites  

Construction sites are susceptible to fire outbreaks because of fire-related work. Hire professional fire watch guards to protect your construction sites from fire accidents. 

Shopping Centers 

It’s vital to protect shopping malls, open shopping areas, and centers from fire outbreaks by hiring professional fire watch guards. The fire watch guards will make sure to fire-proof the shopping centers and make the place safe for all. Looking for California commercial security Services? Contact Professional Security Guards Company Inc.

Parking Lots and Structures

Trained fire watch guards are needed to protect the vehicles from fire outbreaks in parking lots. The fire watch services in parking lots protect every automobile in the parking lot and observe minor happenings in the area to prevent fire outbreaks. 

Who To Hire For Professional Fire Watch Services?

Looking to hire licensed fire watch guards from trustworthy sources? 

We at Professional security Guard Company Inc. have professionally trained fire watch guards. We provide tailored fire watch solutions for your particular need. Alo, we provide fire watch guards along with patrolling services to prevent fire hazards in every possible way. Our fire guards are also trained to take prompt actions in case of fire outbreaks to minimize the damage. 

The Professional security Guard Company Inc. has skilled fire watch guards to professionally and efficiently protect the people and property 24/7. We offer to patrol at regular intervals throughout the day across the covered and uncovered area of the building. Each patrol round ends with a log recording minute activities and happenings around and inside of the building. Our licensed fire watch security guards in San Dego are trained to safeguard your entity by: 

  • Conducting systematic surveillance round the clock. They notice potential fires and emergency situations and take appropriate measures for complete security. 
  • Maintaining details of the fire watch log. Our fire watch guards systematically document their findings to ensure maximum protection against fire outbreaks. 
  • Making fire safety equipment readily available in case of potential fires. 
  • Evacuating people efficiently in emergency situations to save lives. 

So, if you are the owner of a business or run an industry then our fire watch guards will provide maximum protection against fire outbreaks and save your employees and property from fire hazards. Our fire watch guards come in proper uniform and follow security protocols strictly. 

How To Become A Certified Firewatch?

Fire watch guards are always needed for businesses, commercial areas, construction sites, and the residential sector. So, if you are passionate to protect people from fire hazards and want to pursue it as a career, you need proper training and a license as a certified “fire watch”. From Different types of security guard training, you have to choose the one according to your needs.

Fire watch guards undergo additional training, apart from general security guard training. This additional training makes them capable of tackling fire situations and familiarizing them with fire equipment, their operation, and maintenance. 

During your training as a fire watch, you will also come to know about your particular state’s fire regulations and requirements so that you can communicate with the employers well and take appropriate steps when needed. 

Let’s look into the requirements for a fire watch so that you can get proper training.  

General requirements for a fire watch security guard

The requirements to get a job as a fire watch varies from region to region. But general requirements are almost the same that include: 

  • You must be at least 18 years old to pursue a fire watch career. 
  • You must have at least 2 forms of identification. Out of two, one must be a Government-issued card, such as a driving license. 
  • You must communicate well in the English language. 
  • You should be alert, physically fit, able to use fire equipment, and have great communication skills. 
  • You should be able to record potential hazards, take tailored actions, evacuate people, and report the incidents to the authorities and fire department swiftly. 

With all these qualities, you as a fire watch guard would be able to protect any property from fire hazards in a professional way. 

The Bottom Line 

Wondering what is a fire watch security guard, when you need one, and how to become one? Read above to know all about fire watch guards and how to pursue fire watch as a career. You will come to know about the role of a fire watch as well so that you hire professionally trained individuals for your building or construction site. 


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