Benefits of Being a Security Guard 

Getting recruited in any law enforcement role is always tempting. It can be rewarding if you’re passionate about helping and protecting others and have the skills to be a security officer. But before getting yourself into something, first, know the benefits of being a security guard and its cons to make an informed decision about your future. 

Let’s discuss all security guards’ benefits and how to sharpen your skills by working in security and get a better position in this industry. 

Why Would You Want To Be a Security Guard?

A security guard protects the people and property of their clients. They are often hired through security guard companies but can also be hired independently. So, you can either get a job in an agency and then be recruited through it or work independently. 

But first, ask yourself: why would you want to be a security guard? The answers can help you make a better decision as it’s a lifetime skill. 

  • If you’re passionate about helping others, you can pursue your career as a security guard. 
  • You want a rewarding job. 
  • You want to work night shifts or as a part-time guard to add to your monthly income. 
  • You want to have some serious life skills. 
  • You want to have a job in the law enforcement domain. 
  • You have excellent observational skills and wish to utilize them in your career. 

Think about the points mentioned above to assess better if being a security guard is a promising career and make the best decision for yourself. 

Now we’ll look into the pros and cons of being a security guard and working in security so that you know whether it would be your dream career. 

Pros and Cons of Being a Security Guard

Before reading further, know that every career has its pros and cons. You’ve to weigh these pros and cons and consider your interest and passion. 

Let’s start. 


Flexible job hours 

Security guards don’t always have fixed job hours for years. Some days you might have to work throughout the day, and others, you might have to work at night. 

These flexible job hours are great for those who get bored with the same routine every day. 

No higher education degrees required. 

You need a high school diploma to start your career. You need certifications that will help boost your skills, but there’s no need for college degrees, at least at the beginning of your job. 

So, you can start your career right after finishing high school. And after that, you can sharpen your skills by getting certifications. 

An in-demand occupation 

The employment chances for security guards are 15% higher between the years 2020 and 2030. 

So if you have the basic knowledge and certification, you can quickly get a job in any industry in the US. So, you can start your career without much hassle. And if you wish to get advanced, you can have more training sessions and be recruited to a higher position after some years. 

Physically engaging 

If you like being on your feet and hate lazing around or sitting on a seat for hours, this job is for you. Security guards have to walk around and look for suspects. So you will be able to be physically fit and won’t need an extra workout routine after your working hours to remain fit. 

You will also get physical training before starting your job, making you fit and strengthening your muscles. 

Rewarding career 

The benefits of being a security guard are more than just getting paid for the job. You protect people and help your client to safeguard their assets. So, they not only pay you for this but also remain grateful. This gesture is so rewarding that you want to do this every day with passion. 

Variety of work tasks 

A security guard doesn’t just mean someone who stays at the entrance door and checks who’s coming in. You can work as a stationary guard and patrolling officer. The choice is yours, and it also depends upon what sort of training and certification you’ve got. 

Security guards work indoors and outdoors, at night and in the daytime. So there is much variety in this career. 

Wide career advancement opportunities 

There is an opportunity to upgrade your skills and get a higher position. You can get a security officer position or a trainer. After years of training and experience, you can also be recruited by law enforcement agencies. 

Learning life skills 

Being a security guard changes your life as a whole. You learn skills that are beneficial for your life after working hours. For example, you learn to protect yourself and others, have great observation and conversational skills and get to know how to react promptly in an emergency. 


Occupational risks

Security guards work in areas that are prone to criminal activities. So it’s a risk to your life as well. But, you get to learn how to protect yourself in emergencies. This training is enough to save yourself and minimize occupational risks. 

You Might have to work in harsh conditions.

Security guards often have to work outdoors. The weather and other conditions might be uncomfortable. 

But you get the proper training to bear and cope with these harsh conditions and perform your duties well. You also get a good uniform that protects you from extreme weather. 

You Might have to work at night shift 

If you’re a night owl, then great. But if you don’t like to work at night, then it’s a con. Night shift patrolling or guarding duties are challenging as you’ve to fight with your sleep and alter your routine. 

Compromise your family life 

This isn’t always true, but if your duty is far away from home or you have night shifts and have to sleep throughout the day, you have to compromise on your family life. 

But you can always make adjustments to spend time with your family and do house chores.  

Takes time to reach higher levels 

As a security guard, getting to higher positions takes years and vigorous training. But if you’re passionate enough and sharp, you can take certifications and experience quickly as well. It depends upon your dedication.

Now let’s look into the pros and cons of the two most demanding security guard jobs: 

Pros and cons of private airport security

  • Airport security is unavoidable, so you always have a chance to be recruited. 
  • Airport security is multifaceted so you can be recruited for security purposes and help people and keep a check on illegal immigration.
  • You’ll probably get more income as compared to other security guard positions.
  • But airport security isn’t convenient for most people, and the passengers get offended sometimes. You can’t easily overcome this con with proper training and good communication skills. 

Security guards in schools pros and cons 

  • It’s a highly rewarding job role
  • You get to do different security tasks—from keeping a check at the entrance and exit to guiding parents and children 
  • The compensation is much higher than other security guard job roles
  • But it’s also a riskier position as you must protect children and staff at any cost. This con can be handled by getting proper training and implementing it during work hours. 

Is Being a Security Guard Dangerous?

Yes and No. 

Yes, being a security guard is dangerous as you must work in areas susceptible to criminal activities. 

But you get proper training and equipment that helps safeguard yourself and protect others. 

So, if you’ve got proper training, then it’s not dangerous but a rewarding job and the benefits of being a security guard exceeds its disadvantages.

How To Be a Good Security Guard? 

There is much competition in this field as well. So you’ve to stand out to be the best. You should know about some qualities that help you be a good security guard and increase your chances of getting to higher positions. 

  • You must have excellent communication skills.
  • You should have proper training. 
  • You should have good observational skills. 
  • It would help if you were physically fit and tough with good health conditions. 
  • You should know your job role well and don’t overdo your job. 
  • You should have sharp, soft skills. 
  • You should always be alert and ready to tackle difficult situations. 

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