How Much Is It To Hire A Bodyguard? Cost Estimation And Hiring Process

Today’s world is unpredictable; with traditional and non-traditional security risks, nobody is safe. That’s why those who are at a higher security risk seek to hire security and bodyguards. But the foremost question that comes to everybody’s mind is: how much is it to hire a security guard? 

Here, we are going to answer this question with reasoning as to how nobody can give you a pinpoint figure. Keeping in mind that every individual has different security risks, we have come up with a mean figure for every category by doing research for you so you can make an informed decision for yourself. 

So, let’s dive in and see bodyguard costs. You’ll also come to know whether you really need private bodyguard services or not. 

How Much Does a Bodyguard Cost? 

Have you ever googled this question? If yes, then you must have seen that there is no exact figure that will tell you how much you will be charged by a guard. Why? 

The reason is that every individual on this planet has unique security risks. This is because of differences in dynamics, culture, location, threats, and many other factors. 

That’s why, if you are concerned about your or your family’s security then it’s a good idea to contact a trustworthy personal security guard agency and discuss with them your security concerns and budget. They’ll come up with a tailored solution that will help you be safe in every way possible. 

Let’s look in detail at the factors that affect the private security cost and how you can hire a guard without breaking a bank. 

Factors That Affect The Bodyguard Cost

Your lifestyle and Career

Are you a common person or a celebrity? Do you deal in construction sites and industrial areas? Do you work in the field or in an office in a safe building? These questions affect the bodyguard cost in a lot of ways. 

If you are a VIP, then you have to interact with a lot of people and this can result in high-security risks. A common man will need less personal security and maybe only for a few important days (trips, events, etc) but VIPs need 24/7 security with professional bodyguards and a security team that works together to make sure they are safe. 

Your location needs you to keep private security

Location plays an important role in the private security cost. If you live in a high-risk area then the cost would be high. If you live in a relatively safe area then the cost would be low. High-risk areas need professionals who know how to use weapons and how to tackle suspicions in a sound way. 

Safer locations don’t need a team of guards. Only a couple of guards (or sometimes only one bodyguard) would be enough to make sure you’re safe. 

Your need for personal security

Your security needs would be different from your neighbors. You can’t generalize the security needs of two people. So, if you have higher security needs due to bigger risks then you need a professional who knows how to use weapons and take appropriate steps promptly. This increases the cost. 

On the other hand, if you don’t have much security risk but are only seeking security for a few reasons then you might just need one unarmed security guard who keeps you safe. This reduces the cost. 

Details of your assets 

Do you have assets that pose unique security risks? Do you have a property that is at a higher risk than others? Do you think your assets have security threats and risks that can’t be ignored? If yes, then you need to hire a professional bodyguard. 

A bodyguard not only keeps you safe but makes sure your assets are also safe. If your assets have unique security risks then the cost of guards would be higher than the assets that don’t need to be watched much. 

Your travel destinations 

Travel destinations, if pose security risks to you, the cost of a bodyguard would be high as compared to a much safer destination. 

Personal Security threats you might be encountering 

Have you recently got a call threatening you? Has somebody crossed your car and warned you? Do you have personal enmity with someone? In all these cases, the bodyguard cost will elevate. 

On the other hand, if you don’t have personal security threats (like the ones mentioned above), the cost will reduce. 

For how long do you need security? 

Do you need a bodyguard or just an event for a few hours? For a week? Or do you feel like hiring a guard 24/7? The charges differ accordingly. 

The hourly rate is higher than the weekly or monthly rate. Annual rates are much cheaper than hourly rates. 

Average Private Security Cost Estimation To Hire a Bodyguard 

The average amount you’ll fork out to hire an armed bodyguard in California would be anywhere between $750 – $1000 a day. This cost varies according to your unique security requirements and personal security needs.

Now let’s see the ballpark costs for hiring a bodyguard: 

  • The rate of hiring an armed, well-trained guard is anywhere between $60 – $100. 
  • The monthly cost of hiring an armed, well-trained, and experienced guard would be around $43000 – $72000. 
  • The annual cost for 24/7 bodyguards (armed and trained) would be between $518200 – $864000. 
  • You have to pay anywhere between $300 – $600 for an experienced and well-trained guard for at least 6 hours. 

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Who Needs a Bodyguard?

  • Wealthy People. They need security not only for themselves but for their families and assets as well. 
  • Business Individuals. They are at a high risk of security hazards during meetings and traveling. 
  • International travelers. Those who travel frequently and visit places that pose high-security risks. 
  • CEOs. They are VIPs who need special security during work especially. 
  • Celebrities and Politicians. They need continuous security with a security team and a manager who keeps changing the security plans according to the risks. 
  • People are involved in disputes. A common man who has some sort of enmity needs proper security at times. 

How and where to hire a bodyguard?

Once you know you need a bodyguard, it is not like you can go for anybody and everybody. You should make sure you opt for a licensed and well-trained person who knows what to do in a particular security situation. You should take services from licensed private security providers. 

Contact reputable security guard companies

The first step is to contact trustworthy security agencies in your area and have a meeting with them. Present your security hazards and discuss how they can help. Choose the one that seems most professional, experienced, and cooperative. 

Get a customized quote 

Don’t shy away from presenting your budget. Tell them right away that you can’t spend more than a certain amount. The security guard agency will make a customized plan for you, according to your budget. 

Figure out the best one for you

Choose the plan that suits you best. If you want continuous security then opt for a 24/7 plan and if you want a bodyguard for a certain event then choose that package. It’s good to figure out your security needs beforehand so that you choose the right package mindfully.

Hire and stay safe 

Sign the contract, get the security services, and be safe. You should also talk to your bodyguard to make sure they understand your security concerns and are ready to eradicate them. 

Professional Security Guard Company California – The Best Place To Hire a Bodyguard 

Planning to hire a bodyguard in California? You can rely on licensed and professionally trained scrutiny guards at Professional Security Guard Inc. Professional Security Guard Inc is a private security company in California with decades of experience in providing highly-trained personal security guards to individuals and businesses. 

Contact us today and discuss your security needs. We’ll listen to you and offer you a customized security plan along with a private security cost. You will not only get on-spot private bodyguard services hassle-free but will also have peace of mind that you are in the safest hands that are trained and equipped in every way. 


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