How to Defend Your Home Without A Gun

Burgerlies, armed robberies, and home invasions are becoming very common these days, and the importance of having a gun at home is quintessential. Many of us, however, do not legally have access to a gun, but we have to defend ourselves against intruders and thieves. In cases like this, knowing other defensive tools comes in handy and can save us from the danger of theft and possible harm from outsiders. 

So, how to defend your home without a gun? The matter essentially comes down to having a complete protective defense setup for any anticipated attack and having appropriate defense tools in your house to avert the danger, and protect yourself, your loved ones, and your belongings. 

Tips to Defend Your Home and Yourself Without A Gun

Many people wonder how to stay safe without a gun. Keeping these tips in mind will help you defend yourself and give you an advantage if you face some home intruders.

  1. Keep A Roman Short Sword With You

A sword can be one of the best ways to defend your home in case of any robberies and can be an excellent alternative to guns. These swords are a little more giant than machetes and easy to handle. All you need is a little practice to get the workings of the sword into your mind, and you can be the buffer between the intruders and your loved ones.

  1. Use Fire Extinguisher

Many households have a fire extinguisher lying around to contain the flames in case of a fire. These extinguishers are often bulky containers made out of steel or some other metal. Thus, they can be a beneficial tool to protect yourself from burglars. 

You can use the container to hit the intruders behind their backs, and you can also use the gas nozzle to spray gas into their faces. This will blind them for a short while if you catch them off guard, and you will get some extra time to call someone or help yourself to something more helpful in defending your home.

  1. A Crossbow

how to defend your home without a gun is no more an affair of concern due to crossbows. A crossbow can be very helpful as it can easily hit targets from a distance. This can be advantageous if you observe the intruders from a few feet away and can be one of the best weapons to protect yourself without a gun. Just have the bows and the arrow at a safe-to-reach position, and you can whip them out in no time to take on the defense.

One uncomfortable thing about a crossbow is that it can take a long while to reload, and learning its firing and reloading mechanisms can be difficult. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to fire at the intruders. Your aim will have to be good enough to strike a blow on the first try. Otherwise, the intruder can get the upper hand.

  1. Keep A Set Of Kitchen Knives

Knives are dangerous tools that the intruders themselves often use to hold or restrain people. If you have access to such a deadly tool, you can keep the danger at bay. Knives are one of the best close-quarter defense tools, second to only the Russian sword on our list. If you get into such a close-handed position and have a knife, you can prove a good defense against intruders.

How To Protect Your Home Against Invaders

Defense mechanisms are helpful when the invaders have already attacked your house. You can prevent the situation from getting this serious if you follow some preventive tips. Here are the best of them to avert the dangers before they get such close-quartered. 

  1. Get A Home Security Dog 

Besides being humans’ best friends, dogs can also be good security companions since they can detect intruders from a reasonable distance through their smell. If any invader comes near your house premises, your dog will sense its presence and start barking. Aggressive dogs can also attack intruders if they are unleashed. 

  1. Hire A Security Guard

This is one of the best, if not the best, methods to protect yourself and your house from external threats. Security guards are a formidable barrier between the attackers and you and can be the source of great peace of mind as far as these cases are concerned. They not only scare away the intruders but can also identify them through their suspicious activity and comprehend them when they try to make more on your house. 

We at Professional Security Guard Inc offer the best and most highly trained security guards certified in handling thefts, attacks, and burglaries. Get in touch with us to make your home secure now!

  1. Install Security Cameras

Security cameras are becoming a norm in apartments and housing colonies for a good reason. You can use these to get a live feed of the movements through the entry and exit points. If you keep good surveillance of the security feed, you will detect any threat beforehand. You will be able to alert authorities before the suspect enters your premises and the situation escalates. 

Having a security camera setup around your premises is advantageous, especially at residential complexes, and is among the best residential security tips you can get. 

  1. Have Your Hitting Tools Close At Hand

Hitting tools like clubs and bats can also come in handy during close encounters, especially when the intruder does not have a weapon with him. Using these clubs and bats, you can get the high ground in such cases and can avert the danger. Keep these tools in such a position where you can get them quickly, and you will be a formidable barrier to the intruder.

Best Weapons Against Home Invasion

In close encounters with home intruders, you can use the following weapons to protect yourself without a gun. You can also use these weapons if you can find no other tool to protect yourself. These are factory-made products, and you will have to spend a little money to get your hands on them.

  1. Tactical Pen

These devices look like pens but are small protective machines. These come fitted with stainless steel tips to break glass and hit the intruders to inflict physical damage. Some of them also have DNA collecting tubes so that you can store the DNA of the intruder into one during your attack and use it to identify him. 

  1. Wasp Spray 

Wasp spray is one of the most common household items and is easily accessible. This spray has dangerous pesticide chemicals to kill the wasps, which you can use to stun intruders. If these sprays get into their eyes of them, they can cause blindness as well. Thus, you will have to be more careful while using these sprays to avoid harming yourself. 


  1. What is the best home defense weapon, not a gun?

Tactical weapons like wasp sprays, tactical pens, crossbows, clubs, and bats are among the best weapons for home defense. 

  1. Can you use a homemade gun for self-defense?

You can use simple homemade firearms like a slam-fire shotgun for self-defense. 

  1. What is the best non-lethal home defense?

Pepper sprays, brass knuckles, tactical pens, and stun guns are some of the best non-lethal ways to defend your home. 


Now you know all there is to know on how to defend your home without a gun. It would help if you remembered that in cases such as this, you and your family are the most influential people in the room. To protect yourself and your loved ones, you can go to every length and use lethal weapons. Causing minimum damage to the intruder should be the priority, but when it comes to self defense, you should not leave any stone unturned in protecting yourself. 


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