Can Security Guards Carry Guns In California? 

California has reported a rise in property and violent crimes in 2021, so it’s vital to safeguard your business or industry in an effective way. Are you thinking of hiring security services but unsure about what’s allowed in a legal way? And can security guards carry guns in California? Get all your answers to make sure your property and people are safe at all times. 

In this article, you’ll come to know all about carrying weapons in California according to California armed security guard laws. Whether it’s allowed and when you can use a weapon as a security guard. You’ll also come to know about how to become an armed security guard in California. Let’s dive in for the details!

Can Private Security Guards Carry Guns in California? 

California Armed Security Guard Laws

Detailed Security Check And Training 

According to California armed security guard laws, it’s allowed to carry guns by security guards in California but first, they undergo a thorough background check to make sure they weren’t involved in any criminal activity in the past and either or not they fulfill all the requirements to become a security guard. This makes sure that officials who are carrying licensed guns are reliable. 

After that, different types of training are done in which the security guards learn about using weapons. They also learn to maintain them and the scenarios under which they are allowed to use the weapon. These security guards are taught NOT to use weapons unless it’s absolutely necessary. Once background checks and training are done, the security officer is now ready to carry a gun. They can either carry it openly or hidden from the public to avoid chaos and confusion. 

Firearm License

To carry weapons on the security-related job, security officers must obtain a Bureau of Security and Investigative Services license (BSIS). This implies that they must complete an assessment for a BSIS Firearms Permit to show that they are capable of carrying a weapon and duties while they’re performing their duties at the site. 

Showing good judgment and self-control is vital, according to their requirements. Also, the security guard can use a weapon only if it’s absolutely necessary.


A baton permit is also necessary in some cases as per California armed security guard laws. The security guards must complete 8 hours of training from an approved instructor to be allowed to carry a baton. According to the state education requirement, security personnel that carries guns at the place of their employment must undertake state-mandated training and should continue their education in the future as well. 

The license for carrying a baton is issued for 2 years, but the Bureau requires an armed security guard to re-qualify twice during these years. This is to demonstrate continued aptitude in carrying and using weapons on the job. We think it’s the best answer to your query -“can security guards carry guns in California?”

Armed Security California Job Role 

Armed security officers are capable of handling every security situation in a professional and quick way. The job includes the following security services:

Resident and employees escort from vicinity to parking

Accompany your employees and/or guests with armed security guards to make sure they reach inside of the property safe and sound. This prevents any criminal activity that might happen in the absence of professional security services. 

Maintaining a safe and secure environment in business and residential areas

Everyone needs a secure environment to work and live in. The armed security guards make it possible by checking the entrance of the area and keeping an eye on the happenings keenly. The security guards promptly report to the authorities in case of any suspicious activity this highlights the importance of security guards for any type of business

You should also read about Concierge Security Services to know their importance to a business.

Perform Access control

The trained armed security professionals are capable of securing all 3 types of access control systems that are adjusted according to the company’s needs. The access control is safeguarded and no one is allowed to make changes except the authorities. 

Monitor alarm systems and video surveillance

Armed security guards can also monitor the alarm system and respond to it ASAP in an appropriate way. The CCTVs are monitored continuously to deter security hazards effectively. 

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Sectors That Might Need Armed Security 

The armed security services are well suited for the following businesses/industries:  

Bank Security

Vigilant armed security guards protect banks during and after working hours. It’s their duty to safeguard the employees, customers, and assets in every possible way. 

Apartment Complex Security and Patrols

The armed security provides 24/7 safety in the residential area by keeping an eye on the individuals entering the complex and handling security situations professionally. 

Restaurant/Bar Security

It’s vital to provide a safe environment to the people in the restaurant by checking staff and individuals entering the premises. This is professionally done by security personnel who keep a weapon to protect the place.  

Special Event Security

Whether it’s an official meetup or a private get-together, the armed security officers will make sure your event goes smoothly without any security loopholes. To find the best event security services in San Diego feel free to contact us at Professional Security Guard Inc.

Warehouse and Industrial Security

It’s vital to protect your employees and property in the industrial area. For this, armed security guards provide you with a strategic security plan and safeguard the site in the best possible way. 

Commercial Office Complex Security and Patrols

Armed security makes your commercial complex safe from criminal activities and violence. The security guards take appropriate steps to maintain peace in the area. 

Senior and Retirement Housing Community Security

You can hire armed security guards to protect the housing communities. The security officers check the vehicles and individuals entering the premises and keep away unrelated people. 

Residential Single-Family Security

Take armed security services to protect the housing communities effectively. It’s vital to give professionals to safeguard the residents as criminal activities are rising day by day. 

Retail Store Security

The armed security services are well-suited for retail shops to ensure the safety of employees and customers alike. 

Construction Site Security

Armed security is needed to protect your construction site and make sure the construction process goes smoothly, day and night. 

Hotel Security

Make your hotel security fool-proof by hiring armed security officers who will scrutinize everyone at the entrance and perform foot patrolling when needed. They’ll take appropriate steps in case of security hazards. 

Shopping Center Security and Patrols

It’s common to see criminal activities and burglaries in shopping malls. So, you can ask for vehicle patrolling of the parking lot by armed security officers, exterior, and interior of the center for added security. 

Commercial Fire Watch Services

The armed security guards also provide fire watch services to prevent fire hazards by taking appropriate measures and watching for fire outbreaks efficiently. 

How To Become An Armed Security Guard In California?

Want to pursue your career as an armed security guard in California? Don’t know how to become an armed security guard in California? Know about what is required to be a licensed armed security guard.

To apply for a firearm permit in the State of California, you must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or have permanent legal alien status.
  • Pass a 14 hour training course in the carrying and use of firearms.
  • Submit a firearm permit application, pay the $80 application fee, and submit a Security Guard Registration w/Firearm Permit Live Scan form signed by the Live Scan site operator. A $38 Firearm Eligibility application, $32 DOJ fingerprint processing fee, and $19 FBI fingerprint processing fee must be paid at the Live Scan site.
  • The firearm training course is 8 hours of classroom training, and 6 hours on the firing range.

Then you undergo training that helps you use the weapon and understand all the legalities such as: 

  • Moral and Legal Aspects
  • Firearms Terminology
  • Weapon Handling and Shooting Fundamentals
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Range Training
  • The course must be given by a Bureau-certified firearms training instructor at a Bureau-certified training facility, and you will complete a written and range exam at the end of the course.

The Bottom Line 

In this happening world, where criminal activities are increasing every day, it’s essential to hire armed security services to make sure your business is safe. If you’re in California then you should consider hiring security professionals who are able to safeguard you and your business in every possible way. We hope your doubts about “can security guards carry guns in California?” and “how to become an armed security guard in California ” are clear now.


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