Outsourcing Security – Is It Worth It?

outsourcing security services is the need of the hour. All companies and independent businesses these days, whether small or large, need a proper security system to protect their assets and employees from any criminal attacks or unwanted illegal activities. Having the proper security system to cover all the weak points is not an easy task since establishing a comprehensive system will require a lot of time and effort from the company. There is, however, a much easier and equally, if not more, reliable process to secure the business.

What Does Outsourcing Security Mean?

Outsourcing security means using the services of third-party security providers like Presegur Cybriant, and San Diego Security Guards, to secure all aspects of your company, whether they are physical or software related. This includes managing the hiring and training process of security guards, analyzing and securing online cloud components of the company, and securing all its IT-related technology, including software and hardware, from any external attacks. 

Since all these services are managed by the security providing company, security outsourcing services give the business companies peace of mind about their well-being and they can dedicate more time and effort to their valuable business. 

Why Should You Outsource Security?

Outsourced security services are very reliable considering that the modes of physical and online crimes are becoming more complex day by day, and this advancement calls for a completely up-to-date grip on the methods to prevent them. Although the security guard systems of many companies are good enough, most of them are still far behind in terms of their IT-related protection and cybersecurity. 

This is where the outsourced temporary security services come into play as the companies providing these services are aware of any changes in the online crime world, and can devise swift measures to counter them. When you spend your money on these security providers, they thoroughly analyze your company’s security system and can detect any loopholes or weak points. After the identification of the faulty areas, they can also make a complete plan to eradicate them, and save the whole ecosystem from any external threats. 

In addition to these cloud-based protective services, these security providers can also recognize any ineffective security guards, as well as all types of lapses of judgment in their decisions, so that the company can take proper action to replace those guards or teach them the proper protocol.

Benefits of Outsourcing Security

Recently, the idea of outsourcing an organization’s security has become very popular, and it involves not only outsourcing armed security for the protection of assets and employees but also outsourcing services to protect the personal data of your staff under threat because of increasing cyber security attacks.

To save yourself from the hassle of training guards and IT personnel to do these jobs, you can use outsourced security services, the benefits of using which are described below in detail. 

Cost Effectiveness

The biggest hassle of having an in-house security team is the hiring process of security personnel followed by efforts to train them according to your needs, whether we are talking about armed security or a cyber security team. It is not cost-effective to take all these matters into your hands, and finding a competent trainer is not a walk in the park. 

This is where third parties providing these services come into play. They have highly trained professionals and prevent you from the hassle of hiring, administering, or managing these people. This way, you can access top-caliber security services without spending much and without going through any fuss.

Increase in Productivity

When the companies have their own guards and a cybersecurity team, they put a lot of effort and time into their management, which causes the company to put in less time in productivity. This situation is far from ideal for the growth of the company. By handing over the organization’s security responsibility to a professional firm like Security guard company san diego, the company can focus its energy on work and increase its productivity and profits.


Established professional security firms have worked with many clients over the years, giving them more exposure and experience. They come across various vulnerabilities on a daily basis and have a lot of experience in handling them.

While your in-house security team may be talented, their experience is minimal compared to those working in these security firms. Thus it is wise to have a professional security firm handle your security as they can better deal with complex problems.

Round-the-Clock Monitoring

Internal security is only accessible during business hours. As soon as the duty hours are over, you will have no one to protect your assets, including the premises and digital data. 

In the case of security outsourcing, you sign the contract with a third party for protection round the clock. They are available 24/7 and can be summoned anytime in an emergency.  

Access to the Latest Technology

A security firm has all the latest tools and technologies needed for security purposes. Knowing that you have the best security provider in business with the latest technologies at your disposal gives you peace of mind since you know you and your data are secure. 


If someone assigned with the job of protecting your assets by a third party calls in sick or for some other reason does not show up, they always provide you with a backup. It leads to consistency and continuity of the security at your site. 

Boost Customers’ Trust

Customers feel more confident and prefer to work where they feel themselves and their data safe. Hence, having a reliable security firm handling your business’s security leads to more customer inflow and a business boom.


You may not always need the same number of professionals all the time for your security. These can fluctuate depending on your needs. When you need more personnel, either in case of an event or during some sort of expansion, you can always ask for more people from your contractor, and they are bound to provide that.

Contrastingly, in the case of in-house security, you come across the problem of hiring and training new persons, leaving many loopholes in your security.

Leveled Playing Field

If you are one of those medium or small businesses, then you don’t have the luxury of spending a large sum on your security for building internal security equipped with the latest technologies, just like big corporations.

In that case, outsourcing security can come in handy as it can raise your security levels to match those of the market giants.

Minimized Risk

In the hiring process, you have to go through all the background checks of an individual before finalizing it, as not doing it will lead to an increased risk of losing your safety. That’s where security firms win, as they have multiple layers of security and always make sure to minimize any potential future risks.

Disadvantages of Outsourcing Security Services

Using outsourced security services is not all about benefits; it also has drawbacks. Following are some disadvantages of hiring a third party for your security needs.

Loss of Control

Of course, you lose some control over how your data is being handled and processed. The individuals usually don’t consider you their employer as they consider themselves part of the security firm.

If you hire a reputable and trustworthy firm, these problems will not arise as they are professionals and well aware of how to perform their job.

Hidden costs

Some companies have hidden costs that they communicate in lengthy terms and conditions, which most people ignore. So it is good to hire a company that communicates these things upfront, or you should be careful while reading these terms and conditions.


The individuals working for you are usually loyal to their security firm and not your organization, leading to their inefficiency and working improperly if there is no proper checking. Hence, having in-house security can be good in this regard as the people in your team consider your company their own and give their best in all types of jobs.

Is Outsourcing Security Worth It? Our Take

While the advantages of outsourcing security services are many, many companies are often reluctant when use these services owing to the disadvantages and setbacks which some companies can face. There can be no doubt of more expenditure of money and resources can occur when the company decides to train its own guards and cybersecurity personnel. Using outsourced security services can be very beneficial in this regard. 

But many companies often refuse to use these services when they foresee less control over their personal data and sensitive information. Although such doubts are often pointless, they are enough to scare some companies that love to hold on to their personal details. This point is one of the primary reasons why many companies do not opt for such services.

Still, considering the time and the valuable resources the company can save when using outsourced security, it can be safe to say that using such services is worth it. The company will not only be secure but will also make good profits as it will focus more of its energy on the business aspect.

FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions]

Is it safe to outsource IT security?

Outsourced security does have some drawbacks such as mishandling of the company’s information and leakage of important data. But the sense of security that the company can get when it uses professional outsourcing security services is also essential. In order to be completely on the safe side, we would recommend working with certified professional security providers, and you will not have to worry about anything. 

What types of security operations are most appropriate for outsourcing?

Security guard services, IT security, cybersecurity, and facility security monitoring are some operations where outsourcing security can be beneficial. 


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