Security for Dispensary. Why Is It The Need Of The Hour?

The number of thefts and armed robberies is increasing daily, and San Deigo county is not immune to them. According to the data provided by KBPS, in 2021 alone, the county lost a whopping $650,000 to shop thefts and armed robberies. Since cannabis dispensaries are mostly cash-oriented businesses, they stand to lose a lot to these petty crimes. 

To protect the priceless lives of the employees and customers, having security for dispensaries is a must these days. Not only will there be peace of mind concerning the lives of the employees and the customers, but the cash present will also be in safe hands. 

Cannabis Dispensaries – The Associated Risks 

We have already talked about the dispensaries being cash-operated businesses. There are also other factors to consider which can make these places high-risk areas, and thus, having dispensary security is a must.

  • The street demand for the product is very high; thus, planned attacks are more likely to happen.
  • The product is minimal in size and can easily be hidden. Thus individual shop robbers can make appearances. 
  • Off-site transports of the product are common because a lot can not be stored at the central location. This can pave the way for motorized attacks. 

If you consider these points, the need for security requirements for dispensaries should pretty much explain itself. Still, we have listed some of the most important points highlighting the importance of security below.

Why Do You Need Security For Dispensary

Marijuana security is essential for several reasons, some of which are:

  • Preventing armed robberies 
  • Compliance with cannabis security laws
  • Peace of mind for customers and staff
  • Increased reputation and legitimacy of the business.

Preventing Armed Robberies 

Robberies are common and can happen at any retail store, but the reason we are specially mentioning it here related to the security for the dispensary is that these are the retail stores with large sums of cash. Without security, you run the risk of the cash getting stolen.

As per the federal laws, cannabis is still illegal and local municipalities and states are making it legal on their own. Federal regulations do not allow banks to do business with cannabis businesses that restrict you from opening a bank account of your business. 

So all the dealings have to be done in cash which makes the cannabis dispensaries are hot point for the robbers as they see large amounts of potentially easy money. Without armed security for the dispensary, anyone will come and take your hard-earned money at gunpoint and vanish within minutes.

Armed security ensures the safety of your money on the site, and also they assist you in moving that cash to any other safe place at the end of the day.

Compliance With Cannabis Security Laws

Local governments and states that have legalized this business have also put some laws related to dispensaries’ security. The security requirements of dispensaries differ in different areas, but you need to have security cameras and armed guards at the least to comply with these laws

If you fail to comply with these laws, you may be in deep trouble as it can cause your business to shut down. Also, the security company keeps you updated about the changing regulations, and they implement them themselves in the security, so it takes off the burden of thinking about security from you, giving you time and peace of mind to focus on other things.

Peace Of Mind For Customers And Staff

Seeing an armed person outside a store makes every robber think twice before attempting the robbery. Armed security notices the people coming in and out of your store and makes sure there are no suspicious people and activities within the premises of your business, making it a safe place for everyone related to your business.

It gives customers a sense of safety. The staff working at the dispensary is also at the receiving end of violence during an armed robbery putting their lives at risk. Having armed security around them gives them the feeling of being safe.

Increased Reputation And Legitimacy Of The Business

Because of all these laws, business owners have to make extra efforts to comply with them, get the authorities’ approval, and be legitimate. Having armed security for the dispensary shows that you are a law-abiding citizen and that you care about the community, increasing your credibility within the community.

Security For Dispensaries – The Plan

Having a plan of action for the security of dispensaries helps in the long run as it not only helps the owners with the insurance policies but also gives a sense of satisfaction regarding the shop’s safety. The security of the facility and product security must be kept in mind when devising a plan. 

Securing The Facility 

To allow proper securing of the cannabis facility, security cameras, an appropriate alarm system, and a system to control the in and out access will be needed. Dispensary security guards will also be required to top off all the mechanical systems. It would help if you also had a proper plan to store all the data of the security cameras for the period required by the law. 

Securing The Product

Cannabis security and the security of the cash and the associated receipts should also be ensured. The cannabis and the extra money must be stored in a secure vault, while the product display area should also be controlled so that shoplifting can be prevented. 

Develop Proper Employee Protocols

All the employees should have proper tasks assigned to them, and these tasks should not be shared between different employees. For example, a budtender should only focus on the primary sale counter and not have access to the cash storage areas. While on the other hand, an accountant, who is handling the cash flow, should not have access to the different products or the product storage areas.

In addition, a sound auditing system must be in place to check the flow of cannabis, and every gram should be accounted for. All your legal documents and receipts must also be in place. 

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Why do dispensaries have so much security?

The dispensaries are not allowed to have bank accounts and perform electronic transactions, so they have a lot of cash. Also, marijuana is a high-priced product that needs to be protected. So the dispensaries have a lot of security to protect cash and their products.

Why do dispensaries have guards?

Dispensaries have guards to deter any ill-intention person and protect the lives of staff and customers in case of an armed robbery. 

Need Your Dispensary Business Secured? Contact Us

When you own a business like a cannabis dispensary, you can’t go with any random security company. You need a company that knows the ins and outs of security laws about the cannabis business so that they can properly comply with these and not get your business shut down. If you have your business located in San Diego and are looking for the best available security guard service for your dispensary, then you should contact us as we can devise the complete security plan for you and provide you with properly trained armed personnel.


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