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Businesses, industries, and residential areas need “apt” security that meets their static security concerns. Before hiring a security team, you should know exactly what you need. Do you have all the answers to why and where you need security? Here, we will discuss static security and why you need it for the safety of your people, property, and information. 

You will also come to know where to go for professional security guard services in san Diego, California

Let’s dive in. 

What is Static Security – An Overview 

Static security is related to safeguarding a particular place. This doesn’t mean sitting or standing in one place no matter what. This means security services for a particular site to make it safe in every way. 

A static guard team effectively deters crime and solves your security concerns in events, construction sites, entrance and exit points, loss prevention, and other scenarios where security is needed. 

Still not sure? Let’s look into how static guards work in their domain to fully understand their duties. 

How Does Static Guard Work? 

Static guards are trained to protect a specific site with their skills. They have excellent communication skills, are alert at all times, and know how to respond to a particular security situation. 

Status guards are uniformed, with (Armed) or without weapons (Unarmed security guards). They check the entrance and exit points of a place and record suspicious activities outside and inside of a building. 

Their job role isn’t limited to this. Static guards are also deployed to safeguard sensitive information and keep away suspects.  

Static Security Guard Duties

The job role of static security officers includes, (but is not limited to): 

  • Alarm response – The security officers respond to the security alarm by taking proper measures as they’re trained for that. They keep away the suspects and any other security hazards until the police arrive. 
  • They are appointed to check the interior and exterior of a complex or building to keep a check on every individual. 
  • Static guards also love and unlock your amenity or assets in a responsible way. 
  • They do parking lot surveillance to observe every vehicle and person in the parking area. 
  • The security guards are also trained to do equipment maintenance and inspection responsibly and report any concerns to you. 
  • First-in/last-out employee escorts are also done by a static guard to make sure everyone reaches their destination safely. You can call an employee escort team for night duty staff as well. 
  • The security team also checks upon your employee’s health and fitness whenever you need it. 

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When Do You Need a Static Security Guard?

You need static security services: 

  • To keep an eye on suspicious activities and make a plan to take action when needed. This helps deter crime by monitoring the activities of people in and out of your property. 
  • Static guards help to watch your neighborhood to keep your property safe. Any suspicious activities in your neighborhood are recorded and addressed promptly. 
  • If you are heading on a vacation, keeping your gates locked doesn’t make your place entirely safe. A security guard in place helps to keep an eye on your property while you are out of town. You don’t have to worry far from your hometown as someone professional will help look after your place and take action to deter suspicions for you. 
  • If the security alarm is buzzing and nobody is there to take action then the alarm is of no use. 24 hours static guard services help keep an eye on the surroundings and take steps in case of any security hazard. 

Let’s look into the importance of security guards and where static security guards are needed to make the site safe 24/7. 

Residential and Business sector

Static security services for a particular location such as entrance and exit of an area are vital, keeping in mind your security concerns and eradicating them professionally. 

Alarm Response 

The security team is trained to take appropriate action in case of a security alarm. The response can be armed or unarmed based on your choice. 

Secure Lock-up and Open Facilities Services

Give a charge to professional security services to safely lock and unlock your amenity on a daily basis. The static guard team takes care of this responsibility while making sure your property remains safe. 

Night Deposit Escorts

Well-trained security guards in the static protection team are needed to provide a safe environment for the employees or guests at night. 

Witness Transport Services 

The static guard services also offer traffic control and monitoring of the vehicles passing across your area to keep away suspects and criminals. 

Transportation Hubs

A vigilant security team is needed at transport stations and airports, day and night. The static guards are trained to tackle suspects and accidents professionally. 

Commercial and Industrial Security 

Security services are also needed for the security of commercial and industrial sites. You can opt for a range of static security guard services inside and outside of the site to make sure the industry remains free of security hazards. 

Construction Sites Security and Shopping Centers Security 

You should hire professional security services for your construction area or shopping centers to make sure everyone remains safe. The professionally trained security guards keep away suspects and take prompt action when needed. 

Hire Professional Static Security In California 

When in doubt about the security of your business and people, always seek help from professionals. This way, you will be able to safeguard your place effectively with ultimate peace of mind. 

Need to hire static security in California from a trusted security firm? Professional security Guard Inc. has experienced and skilled security guards who eliminate all your security concerns in a professional way. 

Our static security services will give you peace of mind as you will know that the professionals are safeguarding your place. 

  • The vigilant security guard team will take care of your people and property so that you have maximum peace of mind. 
  • We offer high-visibility security services to make sure your area is safe from crimes and criminals. This helps deter suspicions and any sort of unlawful activities. If something suspicious is noted, quick action is taken to prevent the crime in every possible way.  
  • The quickest strategy is adapted in response to the security alarm. You don’t have to wait for the police to arrive as our guards will take care of everything until the police arrive. 

We also provide mobile patrol services for businesses or construction sites where there is a security risk at all times. 


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