What is Close Protection Security and its Role 

Whether it be a Hollywood superstar, a diplomat from another country, or a historical figure, you might have noticed them surrounded by hunky, grumpy, and muscular men.

The purpose of these men is to protect the person from any potential attacks or threats. With the increase in criminal activities and potential threats, people are hiring bodyguards and close protection officers to protect themselves from any unusual incident.  

You might not be aware of what is close protection, what is the role of a close protection officer, and so much more pertaining to the subject.

Here’s everything you need to know about close protection and close protection service.

What is Close Protection?

Close protection is providing security to an individual against potential or actual threats. 

The individual or group of individuals, called ‘close protection officers, ’ is hired to protect an individual from potential threats, such as physical harm or harassment.

Close protection is not new and has been used by the Roman and Ancient Greek military to protect senior officials. However, the methods to protect an individual from threats have been modernized since then, but the concept remains the same.

What is Close Protection Security?

Close protection security is the act of protecting the person from potential threats to reduce the danger of being attacked, harassed, killed, or mugged. Close personal protection service is usually hired by elites, celebrities, politicians, public figures, and foreign delegates.

What is the Difference Between a Close Protection Officer and Security Guard?

A close protection officer is responsible for the security of a particular person such as politicians, celebrities, foreign delegates, athletes, or wealthy individuals. 

From protection to transportation and personal assistance to preparing for an unusual incident, a close protection officer must ensure that the individual is provided with optimal security to protect from any physical harm.

While the security guard is responsible for protecting any particular premises and the people inside it. It can be either a hotel, foreign embassy, shopping mall, or cinema. In simple words, a close protection officer is liable for the safety and security of an individual, while a security guard is responsible for protecting particular premises. 

Close Protection Officer Skills

Close protection officers have to develop skills that would help them deal with the client and potential threats and risks. Some of the close protection officer skills are:

Attention to Detail

Protecting someone who is a renowned and public figure is no less than a challenge. Compared to any ordinary person, these public figures are vulnerable to potential threats from the people around them. A close protection bodyguard must be vigilant and pay keen attention to surroundings, especially suspicious activities by people.

Know about the Client’s Lifestyle

Every close protection officer hired to protect the client must know about the client’s lifestyle. From daily routine to likes and dislikes, close protection officers should note every detail to fulfill duty without any glitches. Moreover, the close protection officer must also know the close relatives, friends, and people whom the client meets often. 

Be Aware of Potential Dangers and Suspicion

Close protection bodyguard has gone through various tests, including reading people’s minds and intentions. It might not be possible for a normal person to identify suspicious people. However, when it comes to close protection officers, the skills are developed over the years to identify and suspect potential danger.

Stay Physically Fit

Another essential skill for close protection officers is to stay healthy, physically fit, and involve in workout activities. As soon as the protection officer gains weight or does not care about food and health, it might threaten both clients and the officer. In addition, the close protection officer must go through regular medical checkups for optimal fitness. 

Importance of Close protection

Security Close Protection is not only limited to celebrities, public figures, and foreign delegates. Even if you are feeling the threat of being killed, robbed, or harassed, close protection security is easily accessible. 

However,  if you doubt whether close protection security is suitable for you and why you should invest your money, here are a few things to know about the importance of hiring a close protection officer.

Prevent You from any Physical Harm

Close protection bodyguards are specially trained and qualified bodyguards who have passed through various physical tests, weapon handling, defense, and first aid. 

The close protection bodyguard will protect you from any life-threatening injuries if you confront any physical threat. Usually, plain clothed bodyguards are preferred over uniformed security guards as they are challenging to identify from other people.  

They Can Read the Intentions

Celebrities and stars are surrounded by strangers and fans all the time. Therefore it becomes difficult for you to read the intentions of any potential attacker or assaulter. A close protection security officer is trained and equipped with armor to protect you from any suspicious person or potential harm.

Normally, bodyguards are trained to read people’s psychology and minds. It helps them to judge people accurately and plan their next move before the situation goes worse. By hiring a close personal protection service, you can move around peacefully without any threats.

Close Protection Officers are Trustworthy

Close protection officers are not only trained physically and mentally to protect you from potential threats. But also they are highly trustworthy and reliable to share your secrets such as sensitive information.

Based on their experience, they can also offer you suggestions and ideas to take the best possible measures. Whether you are closing a multi-million dollar deal or own luxurious real estate, you can trust them without any worries.

Good to be Your Assistant

Close protection officers can be your assistant. As you might be busy with an important meeting, a phone call might distract you. However, there is no need to worry when you have a close protection bodyguard ready to serve you as a personal assistant. 

Whether it be scheduling important appointments, arranging an event, or answering phone calls, give the charge to your assistant without worrying about your privacy.

Close protection officers are important for all your security matters. Make sure to do thorough research before opting for close protection services.

Who Needs Close Protection Services?

The need for close protection services is not just limited to any specific individual. But the cost of hiring a close protection bodyguard might put a dent in the budget if you are not financially sound. And why would you need security when you are not a public figure, have minimal interaction with strangers, and own a handful of savings in your bank account?

The need for close protection services is highly associated with political figures, diplomats, government officials with trade secrets, and others. Here’s a list of people who need close protection for maximum security.

  •  VIPs
  •  Celebrities
  •  Musicians and Singers
  •  Dignitaries
  •  Wealthy Individuals
  •  Professional Athletes
  •  Politicians
  •  Real Estate Investors

If you are looking to hire a professional close protection officer, make sure to check the list of top executive protection companies and then decide the best one.

Close Protection Roles and Responsibilities

The role of a close protection officer is generally to protect the individual from potential harms, threats, and vulnerabilities. With the increasing trend in terrorism and attacks, demand for close protection security has increased drastically.

Be it politicians, celebrities, public figures, or dignitaries, they all need some kind of security for themselves and their families around the clock.

The role of close protection officer is to provide security, but it is not limited to just safeguarding the client.

Let’s dig deep into the role of a close protection bodyguard.

Threat and Risk Assessment

Understanding the Surroundings of an Area

Close protection officers have to deal with different situations in different settings. Close protection officers must be prepared for any potential threat, from identifying the security loopholes at the premises to inspecting the entry and exit points.

For instance, some places on the premises might not have a security camera installed. In some cases, the entry and exit points of premises should also be monitored deeply to know more about the surroundings and potential threats. 

Identifying Potential Risks

Close protection officers are trained and skilled to identify any potential threat in any given situation. Failing to understand the situation might result in havoc and damage to the client.

It is, therefore important for close protection officers to deeply analyze the surroundings, people around the client, and any potential threat that could harm the individual. 

Developing a risk assessment process

After analyzing the environment and potential risks involved, the next role of close protection bodyguard is to develop a plan to mitigate the risks. It involves anything from installing security cameras to deploying forces at different places to lower the threats of attack. 

Planning and Preparation

Pre-operation planning and briefing

Close protection officer along with the team has to be well prepared and plan things out to maximize the security of the client.

The officer leading the team must communicate clearly about the goals and preventive measures to be taken in case of unforeseen situations. Moreover, the team leader must also brief each individual and assign a task according to one’s skillset. 

Selection and Use of Equipment 

After the briefing, the selection and use of equipment should be clearly stated. From metal detectors to security walkthroughs and cameras to arms. Having all of them in place beforehand will mitigate the risk of threats to the client at any venue. 

Travel planning and logistics

Travel planning and arranging highly secure commuting is one of the responsibilities of close protection officer. Whether it be in a city or out of town, travel planning and itinerary should be planned beforehand to ensure smooth and secure transportation. 

Protective Techniques

Use of cover and concealment

Protecting your client from bullets and other dangerous objects, the use of cover ensures extra protection. While concealment allows you and your client to hide from the attacker. Make sure to arrange all the protective gear and necessary items for added security. 

Evasive and defensive driving techniques

In case a close protection officer sees a potential threat while driving a car, evasive and defensive driving techniques will help evade the threat and keep others safe along with the client. 

Use of force and firearms

A close protection bodyguard can use firearms and force to protect the client from any life danger and threats. It is the responsibility of the close protection officer to use force and firearms in case of any unusual incident. 

First aid and emergency response

First aid and emergency response are also included in the responsibilities of a close protection officer. For instance, if the client gets hit by the attacker or has some medical condition that requires an emergency response, the close protection officer is liable to offer treatment to the client. 

Other Responsibilities and Roles of Close Protection Officer 

Safeguard Client from Physical Assault

Strangers, fans, and followers generally surround public figures. However, not every fan is the same and might have some ulterior motives. Especially when it comes to politicians and foreign dignitaries, some people might have grudges due to contradictory policies and might pose a threat. 

Close protection officers are therefore responsible for protecting the client from physical attack. As celebrities and politicians are surrounded by crowds whenever they appear in public places, the close protection officer will keep the crowd in control to avoid any close contact with the client. 

Moreover, they are also trained to maximize clients’ security and avoid assaulting innocent public.  

Client Privacy is among their Responsibilities  

Close protection security officers have to work closely with clients whether it be for public gatherings, social events, or general meetings. They need to be updated with the client’s schedule and routine. 

Additionally, close protection bodyguards must also be well-informed of people who have been invited and are closely related to clients.

Suppose you are a CEO of a multi-million dollar company and want to give a talk at a seminar in another city. In that case, your close protection officer must arrange everything from flight to accommodation and event venue to everything else. 

However, the details have to be kept confidential by the close protection commander for maximum security.

Foresee Potential Threats to Clients

Public figures and celebrities are prone to the risks and dangers of being attacked by strangers for whatever reason. Most of them are given VIP access to premises to avoid unusual incidents such as physical attacks. 

However, some smart and evil-minded people might find a way to fulfill their motives. The close protection officer’s role is to identify loopholes and take appropriate measures to protect clients from potential dangers.

Close protection bodyguards must ensure the availability of armor and install screening equipment, cameras, and metal detectors at all places from where the stranger could attack.

At times, a close protection officer has to work with security guards and local enforcement officers to ensure everything is in place and security is optimal.

Transport Client Safely

CEOs, diplomats, celebrities, athletes, and politicians often move from one place to another. Whether for personal reasons or scheduled events, a close protection officer has to ensure safe commuting from one point to another.

Whether they have to go for dinner at a restaurant, gym for exercise, or stadium to watch their favorite match, close protection bodyguards must be familiar with their favorite places and make sure to adopt safety measures before commuting.

Summing Up What is Close Protection Security

Close protection officer is not only hired by celebrities, politicians, or foreign diplomats. If you have security concerns, you can also hire them. Before you hire a close protection officer, it is good to check that they are licensed, trained, and qualified to perform the duty. 

Having a close protection officer for your security would be great if you feel unsafe while traveling, have received threats, are concerned about potential theft, or want to ensure your child’s safety. 

Hiring a regular bodyguard is necessary if you are a wealthy individual, CEO of a multi-million dollar company, a celebrity, or you are always in front of the camera and the public. In addition, you must go for a regular bodyguard if you are a frequent traveler for business purposes or feeling the threat of domestic abuse. 


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