Security Guard Daily Activity Report: 6 Points to Include

Are you looking for a “security daily activity report example?” or Do you want to know “why to use a security guard daily activity report?” When an individual or a business hires a team of security guards, they expect professionalism. Fair enough, as they invest a big part of their budget in security services. This is why there’s a need for a proficient security guard daily activity report (DAR). 

A daily activity report not only shows professionalism but is crucial in many cases. So, we’ve summed up all about DARs here. You’ll also get a free DAR template to use. So let’s dive in. 

What is a Security Daily Activity Report? 

A security activity report or security daily activity report represents all the happenings that occur during the duty hours of a security officer. The guard is supposed to write their shift’s start time, all the activities during their shift, and the end time. The activities include all the routine tasks, patrolling, maintenance issues, and unusual happenings or suspicious activities. You’ve to write each activity in a way that the report can be used in the future in case of any liability issues. 

DAR should be written concisely without missing any detail. This means you need to have great writing skills along with the other basic skills for security guards. If you don’t know how to write a DAR that positively impacts your clients then don’t worry. By following the points mentioned below and with practice, you can learn how to write an activity report like a pro. 

Why Security Daily Activity Report is Important 

A daily activity report isn’t just a formality. It’s a piece of paper with all the necessary details that can help in solving cases and addressing liability issues. Not only this, DARs help you to fully connect with your client in a way that the client feels satisfied. The client will have peace of mind as they’ll know you’ll sum up all the happenings and present the DAR to them at the end of the day. This keeps them in the loop and they realize that they’ve invested in a professional security service. 

Security activity reports also help you to be a professional security officer with great expertise. It boosts your skills and inflicts a positive impact on everyone. 

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How To Write A Security Guard Daily Activity Report? 

Writing a security daily activity report sample can be challenging. To overcome this, get yourself familiarized with the important points that you should mention in your report. Then you just have to practice on these points and make your daily activity report better. 

Mention Your Accurate Arrival Time 

Don’t mention the start time of your duty hours or shift change. But mention the exact time at which you took the charge. This builds up trust with your client and also can be used accurately in case of any issues. 

Jot Down Your Routine Tasks Properly 

Whether it’s your stationery security job or you have to do patrolling, mention it in your report. But writing just the time of patrol and end of patrol isn’t enough. You should mention every detail concisely. Write down what you have observed and what actions have you taken. The activities which you observe and write could be anything related to security. This includes maintenance issues as well. 

Note Down any Unusual Incident 

This is important. You should mention every unusual activity. This includes identifying any security hazard, suspicious activities, criminals, or faulty security equipment. You should also mention what steps you are taking or suggesting to solve these issues. 

A properly written security officer incident report helps in eradicating all these problems in a systematic manner as your client will know that you have not only observed the happenings but are also ready to take actionable steps to solve them. 

Mention Actions were Taken Against Unusual Activities 

As you’re mentioning every detail, also write down what you’ve done to resolve issues. This boosts the confidence of your client in you as they would know their business is in good hands.  If you’ve helped someone in the parking lot, mention that. If you’ve noticed open doors/windows or broken locks and fixed them, mention that. So, mention everything that you’ve done on your part. 

Don’t Skip any Detail 

In your daily activity report, mention everything truthfully and in detail. But detail doesn’t mean inking lots of paper. It means you should write every detail concisely so that it can be read clearly and easily.  

Mention Your Departure Time Accurately 

Lastly, write your departure time just as you’re leaving. Don’t write the usual off timings but the exact time you left the area. Also, write down the name of the person who has a tool over your charge (if any).

Best Security Daily Activity Report Examples 

The best daily activity reports would be those that are written in a professional way. These reports don’t miss out on any detail, yet are written concisely. Let’s see examples of some of the best DARs to learn and see how they have written reports in a professional manner. 

Read about the security patrol checklist here to make your patrol most effective and incorporate your activities in the DAR. 

Security Guard Daily Activity Report Template

We know it’s hard to write a concise report daily. You might want to skip any detail because you don’t feel like writing down everything, every time. So, we are sharing a template with you that you can use on a daily basis. Just fill in all the details daily. The template contains all the necessary things that must be included in every security activity report. 

Download free security report templates and use them to make awesome daily activity reports that will help you and your client to manage risks and make business safe in a proficient way. 

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The Bottom Line 

A security guard daily activity report represents all the daily activities in a concise manner. There are huge benefits of writing DARs as mentioned above. Want to write a DAR like a pro and be the best security officer? Read above and you’ll know how to write a security report in a professional way. You can also use a template to save your time and write the security report in a professional way, every day. 

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