Security Patrol Checklist – A Guide to Patrol Inspection

From large industries to commercial and residential areas, patrolling is important to deter criminals and keep the area safe. The security patrol team uses a security patrol checklist to ensure everything is under control. Patrolling is a systematic procedure done on foot or in a vehicle for surveillance and safeguarding a site 24/7. If you have a manufacturing industry, parking lot, or unsupervised home, you need patrolling services to ensure that it’s secure.

 Security Patrol Checklist 

A security patrol checklist is used in large industries, specifically manufacturing industries, to help safety and quality officers to evaluate facilities, manufacturing processes, and employees. It is used to observe non-compliance and take steps for employee protection and progress.  

A security patrol inspection checklist template essentially helps in performing the following:

  • Check the availability of resources
  • Evaluate the facilities and equipment, and look for noncompliance commodities
  • Attach photos and notes as an evidence 
  • Document the overall observation and suggestions easily 
  • Lastly, sign-off with a digital signature and verify the inspection

You can download the security patrol checklist template and follow it for flawless patrol services and maximum protection for your business. 

Night Patrolling Security Checklist

Night patrolling is a challenging task done by trained security guards who ensure everything is safe and working properly. Night patrolling checklist basically includes checking doors, lights, and equipment, and making sure everything is in place. 

Let’s look into the night patrolling security checklist in detail to understand how it works and how it’s different from emergency patrolling or regular patrolling in the daytime.

Securing Windows and Doors 

Sounds obvious, right? But this is done as the very first step of night patrolling. The doors and windows are inspected thoroughly. Security guards make sure all doors and windows have locks and they’re working properly. They also make sure windows have mesh or rods to secure them properly. It’s also a part of the protocol to lock all the doors and windows. 

Inspection of Lights 

This is very important as thieves and criminals take advantage of the darkness at night and cause trouble. So, patrol guards keep an eye on the lights, making sure they are turned on at night. They keep a record of faulty lights and convey it to the authorities. 

Ensuring the Security Alarm System is Working 

The night patrolling checklist also includes observing whether the building has a security alarm system installed by a professional. They also make sure that there is someone in the control center who is keeping an eye on the happenings through CCTVs. Occasionally, the security alarm system is checked and maintained properly. 

Inspection of the parking lot 

The parking lot is inspected carefully to deter criminals and ensure vehicles are safely parked. The guards respond if they notice any suspicious activity and ensure the entry points are locked at night (if no movement is expected). You can also act upon the parking lot safety tips to make your parking lots super secure.

Securing building access points 

Lastly, all the access points are locked properly. The patrol team also ensures that the guards are on duty at the entry and exit points. It also noted that the access points have gates that can’t be opened. The access points where employees are moving at night are monitored throughout to ensure no criminal activity happens.

Download the Night Patrolling Checklist Template Here

What is a Patrol in Security? 

If you have security guards inside your property but you don’t know what’s going on in the surroundings, then there is always a risk of a security hazard. You might check entry and exit points but who knows what’s happening within the industry/site? 

Patrol in security is when the security team leaves the ground and evaluates the surveillance area on their security patrol vehicle or foot. Patrolling by skilled security officers helps keep your area completely safe by keeping an eye on your surroundings and taking the right actions when needed. 

What is a Patrol Guard? 

A patrol guard evaluates the perimeter of the premises. They are trained to be alert to their surroundings and record suspicious happenings quickly. They are also experienced enough to take prompt actions to keep away danger by all means. 

The Duties of a Patrol Guard Include: 

  • Alarm Response: The patrol security officers are trained to respond to the security alarm by taking proper measures. The security guards keep the security hazard away until the law enforcement team arrives. 
  • Interior and Exterior Inspections are Done in Intervals: Every suspicious activity is recorded to make a strategic security plan. Security guard daily activity report helps to record routine happenings during working hours.
  • Locking and unlocking your building or amenity is done by the patrol team in the most responsible way. 
  • Parking lot surveillance and parking enforcement are done to maintain discipline and security with the assistance of the parking lot Patrol
  • The patrol teams are also trained to do equipment inspections/adjustments in a professional way and report any concerns to you. 
  • First-in/last-out employee escorts are part of the patrol team to ensure your employees or guests reach inside safely. You can also take the services of an employee escort team for night duty staff.
  • Welfare checks are also done on request. The patrol team arrives and checks on the individual’s health whenever you are concerned about them. 

Security Patrol Procedure 

Generally, the security patrol has 3 segments. The procedure might vary slightly depending upon the nature of the business and security needs. The security patrol procedure consists of: 


The patrol team prepares for the evaluation with their PPEs on. They carry their record, weapons (if necessary), wireless communication sources, and equipment such as keys, torch, inspection checklist, etc. 


Now that the team is ready, they start patrolling. The nature of patrolling (to keep away criminals, quality control, maintain safety, etc) depends upon the industry type and what you expect from your team. The surveillance is done while keeping in touch with the control center. All the observations are recorded and discussed with the authorities later. 


Post-patrol steps are done once patrolling is over. The equipment is returned and activities observed while patrolling are handed over to the authorities to take necessary steps (if needed).

Services You Can Expect From Security Patrol 

You can choose one or a range of patrol services, depending upon what you need for flawless security.

Scheduled and/or Random Mobile Patrol Patterns 

You might need scheduled patrol services whenever you suspect something. The mobile patrol team is always ready to safeguard your area whenever you need it. 

Parking Compliance Inspection Services

Efficient security patrol services are needed for surveillance in the parking lot. This ensures the safety of vehicles and your property’s surroundings. The patrol team will keep an eye on who is entering your premises. 

Armed and Unarmed Security Officers 

You can opt for armed security officers in the patrol team if you suspect serious security concerns. The licensed armed security guards are experienced to tackle criminals and take prompt action when needed. 

Custom Security Guard Inspection Checklists 

Patrol services are needed to help you during custom inspection to maintain discipline and prevent mishaps. The patrol team will monitor the area and ensure your property and items remain safe. 

24/7 Surveillance

If you are not in the town and want professionals to safeguard your place, or if you feel your area is at high-risk then you can ask for 24/7 surveillance. The patrol team will keep a check on the interior and exterior of your site, day and night. 

Pool Lock Up and Unlock

When buildings and amenities such as pools need to be opened and closed at a certain time daily then you can ask the patrol team to do it for you, safely and regularly. You can count on efficient patrol services who will lock up and unlock the building for you with complete responsibility. 

Hire Agile Security Patrol Team In California 

Are you looking for Security patrol in San Diego for your business to make it safe 24/7? Hire professionally trained patrol guards with us and keep everything under control. 

Patrolling by the Professional Security Guard inc Company is done by experienced and skilled security guards to eliminate all your security concerns in a professional way. 

  • Our patrolling service for the exterior will help you monitor your surroundings and take appropriate steps if any suspicious activities occur. Our security guards note down every activity to keep a record and present it to you when needed. 
  • We offer high-visibility community patrol services to ensure your neighbourhood is safe from crime. Patrolling helps deter suspicions and unlawful activities. If something suspicious is noted, prompt action is taken to prevent the crime and make your area safe. 
  • Quick action is taken in response to the security alarm. You don’t have to wait for the police to arrive as we will take the necessary steps until the law enforcement agency arrives on the scene. 
  • We also provide interior patrolling to ensure your property, staff, and employees are safe. Security guards at the gate aren’t enough for internal security as they don’t know what’s happening inside the area. Interior patrolling helps keep an eye on everyone on the site. 

Our security patrol service will give you peace of mind, as you will know that the professionals are safeguarding your place. 


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