9 Interesting Security Guard Facts You Might Not Know

Every job comes with a few responsibilities, pros, and cons. But a few careers demand more and are much more rewarding as well. One of these careers is the security guard job. If you’re looking for trained armed and unarmed security guards to secure commercial areas look no other than California Commercial Security Services. Let’s know about some interesting security guard facts that will help you know their job role in a better way. So, let’s start and know about 9 of these facts. 

They Don’t Need a Degree to Apply 

Unlike many other careers, security guards don’t need a college degree or any other degree to apply. 

The minimum education required is a high school diploma. Once you have it, you can get training and apply it wherever you want. The minimum requirement to become a security guard varies from country to country.

A License is Required to Apply 

Security guards can’t work without a license (guard card). They must have complete knowledge about how to get a guard card. This license is issued once they complete a specific course. The course helps them to sharpen their skills and learn how to tackle different security situations. Once the beginner’s certification is done, they can apply and are eligible to do the job. There are further courses and certifications as well that they can do to get to higher positions after some time. 

They Should Have Some In-Built Soft Skills 

If anyone wants to be a security guard, they should have certain skills in them. For example, they should be alert and good observers even before their training. They should be active and like to roam around rather than lazing. Security guards should be good at making social connections as this allows them to communicate with people easily. Because they have to manage many activities on a daily basis. These qualities help the security guards to be good at their job and they’re passionate to perform their duties well.

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They Might Have to Work at Nights 

Security guards usually work at night as well. This depends upon the security concerns related to the industry they are working in. Night security officers either just sit or have to patrol and escort the employees as well. It depends upon the needs of the industry. To work at night they need to know about a proper security patrolling checklist.

There are No Fixed Timings 

Security guards might have to start working at 4:00 am or at 10:00 pm. It depends upon when a company needs its services. Also, the number of hours per day depends upon the company that hires them as well. Needless to say, they have compensated accordingly. 

Also, they have a variety of tasks to do. A security guard doesn’t just mean a person who stays at the entrance door and checks who’s coming in. They can work as a stationary guard and also as a patrolling officer. The choice is theirs and it also depends upon what sort of training and certification they’ve got. Security guards work indoors as well as outdoors, at night and in the daytime. So there is much variety in this career. 

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Security Guards Have the Right to Screen 

It’s fact about Security guards that they have the right to check and screen anyone, depending upon the scenario. They just have to display it or inform people beforehand. This makes them different from common citizens. But they can’t do it forcefully unless the person is a suspect. 

A security guard has the authority to check anyone’s bag if they’re entering a public place. If someone is entering a business center then security guards can request them to check their bag if they smell something suspicious or if it’s absolutely necessary.  

Security Guards Encounter Dangerous Situations 

We often think of security guards as persons sitting outside a commodity and looking around. But they often encounter dangerous situations as well. They are trained to tackle these situations and save themselves, people, and property efficiently. 

Among top security guard facts is that they work in areas that are prone to criminal activities. So it’s a risk to their life as well. But, they get to learn about how to protect themselves in emergency scenarios. This training is enough to save themselves and minimize occupational risks a great deal. 

Security Guards can Make Citizen’s Arrest 

This is one of the most powerful security guard facts that a security guard can make an arrest or detain you from a scene too. They must have in-depth knowledge of their right whether to detain people or not. If there is a criminal or a suspect, security guards have the right to detain them physically until the police arrive. If a security officer notices a person who is causing harm to your property or people, then the security guard can detain that person and call the police for legal actions. 

But this right of detention doesn’t mean that a security guard enjoys all the authority similar to a police officer. Surely, security guards can detain a person but ONLY if they have solid evidence, and then they have to hand over the person to the police, as they don’t have the authority to take action against criminals or crime. 

Security Guards are the First Responders to Emergency Scenarios 

It’s an undeniable fact about security guards that whenever a security situation arises, guards are the first people to face them. That’s why they are trained to act appropriately and do their best to save everyone including their client’s assets. It’s one of the important security guard facts that they’re first responders to fire outbreaks as fireguards.

They get different types of training to tackle this situation and save people and assets. They are also the first to encounter any criminal activity and have the understanding to tackle this situation bravely and smartly as well. 

The Bottom Line 

Security guards are the people who are trained to safeguard your people and property. We have listed a few security guard facts above that should be kept in mind while hiring security guards for yourself. 
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