Security Officer Incident Report – Complete Guide

Security guards are hired to safeguard people and property in the best way. Companies that hire them expect proficient services and prompt actions when required. That’s why a good security officer incident report is vital to ensure flawless security and professionalism. 

Let’s know all about incident reports, how to write one, and how to make use of a template to save your time and write a good incident report efficiently. 

What’s a Security Guard Incident Report – An Overview 

A security guard incident report is written in case of a mishap or anything unexpected. The report is written to be presented to the authorities and used for investigative purposes as and when required. It’s vital for a security officer to know how to write a good incident report that contains all the details without missing anything.

The incident report should contain accurate dates and timings, with pictures of the incident/site, and other details in a concise manner. A good security officer incident report not only is beneficial for investigations and legal issues but also shows the professionalism and dedication of the guard. 

Importance of Security Officer Incident Reports

If a security guard doesn’t write about the incident and just narrates it to the management afterward, then it holds no importance. But if the guard notices the incident, writes about it, and attaches relevant details then it can be used in the future as well. 

A security guard incident report is important because: 

  • The management can sit down, go through the report and decide about future security measures. The security can be increased or repositioned according to the scenario. This greatly helps in making the security of a site flawless with tailored security solutions. 
  • The report clearly mentions all the details and actions taken in response to the incident. 
  • The management is made aware of the incident in a detailed manner and all the steps taken to make everyone safe. 
  • A written record of an incident holds great importance in case of any litigations. 
  • It shows the professionalism of security guards and how they are dedicated to their work. A proper security guard’s daily activity report can also complement professionalism.

All these points mentioned above stand valid only if the incident report is written in a professional way. How to do that? Let’s find out. 

How to Write an Incident Report? 

A good incident report contains all the information in a systematic manner. No matter how detailed it is, if it’s haphazard then no one is going to go through it and it would be difficult to extract relevant information from it. Also, if the report is written without mentioning all the details then it’s of no use as the information might be insufficient to prove anything. 

So let’s find out how to write a good report that is impressive and contains all the information in a professional way. 

Clear and Concise

Be clear in your tone and words. Choose easy words to describe the incident and be straightforward in the details. The report shouldn’t be lengthy. The details should be mentioned in a concise way so that it is easy to read. This doesn’t mean that you miss important information just because your report is getting detailed. Mention all the relevant information, but in a comprehensive manner.

Include Photos, Videos, Audio, and all Proofs

Attach pictures, proofs, audio, video, or anything that is relevant to the incident. For example, in case of a fire outbreak, attach pictures and mention the necessary steps taken along with the names of people who were escorted safely. Similarly, attach audio in case someone wasn’t following the rules set by the guards and is disputing it. Also, attach pictures so that these people can be identified in the future. 

Keep it Conversational and Professional

Don’t be casual in writing an incident report. Write it in a systematic way that describes all the details in a proper and understandable format. A rule of thumb is to use appropriate grammar and vocabulary terms to make it conversational enough to understand it properly.


Write correct information, exactly according to what happened. Don’t add your opinion or anything that can cause confusion. Just state the facts with accurate time and other details. 


Don’t leave your report incomplete. Make sure you have mentioned all the important information. If you find it difficult to write a complete security officer incident report then you can make use of a template.

Check it Twice 

As soon as you complete writing the incident report, make sure you read it twice and add information in case anything was missed. This will help you to come up with the most professional way.

Security Officer Incident Report Template 

Do you know what security guard skills make them professional and trustworthy? A security guard should be trained to safeguard your people and property in every way. They should know how to document the incidents and present them to the authorities as well. 

Even if you know how to write a professional-looking incident report, you might miss important details in case you forget to write it systematically. That’s why you can use a template that covers all the important points that should be mentioned in an incident report. 

A template allows a security guard to fill in all the details, without missing anything, every time. You can also customize the template and make it more relevant to your job role. In this way, you can write an incident report in less time but in the most systemic way. 

Get a security guard incident report template

Security Officer Incident Report Example 

Mobile patrol, event, and commercial security guards should know how to write an incident report that can be used as and when required. You can hire skilled and trained security guards at San Diego Security Company named Professional Security Guard Inc., in case you’re living in California. These guards have completed all the important types of security guard training and are proficient enough to write daily activity and incident reports.

Look at the security guard incident report examples, break down them and learn how to write a good report. 

The Bottom Line 

A well-written security officer incident report can better assist in dealing with security issues. An incident report written in a professional way helps companies to come up with tailored security solutions and take necessary steps to prevent security hazards.


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