Code Of Conduct Of Security Guard

The code of conduct of security guard means the sets of rules and regulations and guidelines that define the ethical behavior on part of the security guard while doing his job. Providing security services is not quite easy because a security guard has many responsibilities when performing their duty at any location. The code clarifies what to do and what to avoid when performing security duties, the do’s and don’ts of security conduct, and the appropriate protocols to follow when confronting and detaining any perpetrators. 

Defining a proper code of conduct of security guards working in a company is essential because it establishes certain ideals and values, that the security guards must follow if they are to do their jobs effectively. Guards not following a code of conduct are prone to do unethical mistakes during their jobs, which not only proves detrimental for the victims of their behavior but can also cost the guards a lot in terms of lawsuits and other losses. 

What is Code Of Conduct?

Codes of conduct are generally a list of written rules and regulations which are presented to the guards at the start of their jobs and are supposed to direct the behavior of the security guards during the job. The guards sometimes get involved in complex situations, handling which according to ethical and moral standards becomes difficult. For all types of security jobs, including bodyguard services San Diego and all other counties define this code, which contains the exact guidelines for the guards to follow in specific situations. 

By following the code of conduct, the guards can make sure that they handle any complicated confrontational situation, and not exceed their moral limits. Thus these rules are very important to prevent altercations between the guards and any third parties and allow smooth and safe handling. 

Code Of Conduct Of Security Guards

The code of conduct for security guards contains the exact rules for the guards to follow, and the things to avoid. These rules are mostly in the form of do’s and don’ts. The exact guidelines vary with each type of security job, and also with different states of the country, but some of the most common guidelines include:


Some of the things that the guards must do in order to proceed safely during any complex situation include:

  1. Carrying all important documentation while on the job. These include your ID card, your guard card, and your permit to use firearms if you are carrying any. 
  2. Ensuring that they are up to date regarding their combat skills and with all types of training for security guards. 
  3. Performing all the duties without any bias for anyone, and not using their privileges to favor any specific party. 
  4. Being regular and punctual and reaching the job site on time. Being careful and vigilant and keeping a check on all activity on the site.
  5. Being respectful to others and respecting their personal spaces and privacy. Properly following the rules of engagement. 
  6. Keeping close contact with your seniors and having them in the loop with all the happenings. Keeping a complete security guard daily activity report.
  7. Doing regular patrol of the area premises and keeping a check on all the irregularities.
  8. Keeping control of all the access points of the area, and having the security camera footage in your surveillance. 
  9. Using firearms with care and precaution and taking close care of not hurting anyone. 
  10. Abstaining from drugs and alcohol while performing their duties. 

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Some of the things security guards must avoid during their job include

  1. Keeping a close check on data privacy, and not sharing any private data of clients with anyone. 
  2. Not maintaining your security position while on the job, and leaving the post for anything.
  3. They must not hold anyone in detention. Thus, the answer to the question, “Can a security guard detain you” is a no. 
  4. Allowing any outsiders to get entry into the premises. 
  5. Sleeping on the job.
  6. Arguing or shouting at customers and the public and not being polite. 
  7. Allowing friends and family to bypass security protocols.
  8. Smoking on the job.

Why Code Of Conduct is Important for Security Guards?

Following the code of conduct for security guards is their moral and ethical duty. Just as the Hippocratic oath determines good behavior on the part of the doctors, code of conduct for security guards determines their security duties. It not only allows the guards to perform their jobs effectively, but also defines the moral and ethical standards they must maintain on their job.

These codes also explain to the general public what is expected of the guards in case of normal conditions as well as in emergency situations. They ensure that the guards perform their duties without any corruption, and prevent the guards from making any mistakes while confronting difficult and sensitive situations. Thus, an already established code of professional conduct is very important for the guards to perform their duties optimally. 


What is the code of ethics for security guards?

The code of ethics of security guards establishes the rules and regulations for the guards to follow, the things they must do and the things they should avoid when doing their duty. It is what defines ethical and moral checkpoints for the guards to maintain. 

What do you understand by privacy and code of conduct?

The Code of conduct of security guard maintains that the privacy of the customers should be maintained in all cases, and their data should be taken care of. Steps should be taken to ensure no data leaks occur endangering the integrity of patients. 

What are the basic rules for a security guard?

A security guard must always follow his code of conduct, and should not do anything that violates this code. He must try his best to perform all his duties ethically and without putting anyone in danger. 

What are the ethics of security?

Being professional with everyone and knowing your job duties, as well as following the code of conduct and performing the job without any bias for everyone are some of the ethics of security jobs. 


Having a code of conduct of security guard is essential to allow proper performance of security jobs by the guard. It defines the things they must do and the things they should avoid in their jobs, and ensures that they maintain ethical standards in their professional dealings with others. A Code of conduct is what defines good security guards, and without it, the security job will be a hotchpotch of gross misconduct and professional lapses. Additionally, for further information or security service, the Professional security Guard Inc is here to serve you.


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