Night Patrolling Services – Benefits & Cost

Nights are the time when many violent crimes like armed burglaries and robberies are more likely to occur. Large businesses and retail stores are very susceptible to these crimes due to their large cash flows and big customer profile. 

In order to prevent such incidents from happening and to keep the lives as well as the property of customers and the company safe, it is essential to keep a regular check on all activity around the premises at night time. This is where night patrolling services come into play, and the company can deploy patrol security guards to ensure the area is safe and secure from any danger.

What Is The Purpose Of Night Patrol?

Just like residential areas housing large amounts of people, commercial places like businesses, companies, and retail stores are also susceptible to various crimes like thefts and vandalism. The chances of these crimes happening at night are greater than in the day because the thieves and intruders can take advantage of the dark to hide and do their dirty work without anyone noticing them. 

Night patrolling services are just the right tool to prevent the activities of these criminals during the night time. These patrolling services consist of security guards and officers having the required skills and expertise to detect any illegal activity without letting the dark hinder them, and can keep a regular check on any disturbance in the normal routine of the area. 

These patrolling services use specialized equipment like night vision arms and high-visibility automobiles to keep watch on the area and have the required tools to deter any intruders. With these patrols on board, you can be sure to rest easy knowing that your company or business is secure from any damage at night. 

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Benefits Of Night Patrolling Services In California

Shootings, stabbings, hit and runs, and killings are becoming common in San Diego these days, and many such cases are reported daily in the Times Of San Diego. All these crimes often occur in the dark night when there aren’t a lot of people about and robbing or hurting someone is easy. Night Security patrol service in san Diego by Professional Security Guard Company Inc. are, thus, very important to prevent such crimes in San Deigo. 

benefits of night patrolling services in california

With their all-night presence in the area, night patrols can ensure that they are watching the whole area thoroughly and that there is no intrusion of any undesirable factors nor is there any danger to the company property. The guards must report the daily incidents in the security guard daily activity report to thoroughly analyze the security situation of the area. 

Some benefits of using night patrolling services include:

Preventing Burglary

Through their constant watch, night patrol guards can keep a check on the activity going on in the area, and can prevent any burglars from making their way into the company building and stealing any stuff or damaging any property. Companies are in often fear of thieves and burglars stealing their property and valuable merchandise, but by having guards patrol the area during night time, this threat can be easily eliminated because these guards can stop the intruders in their tracks and can keep the company valuables safe. 

These night patrolling services, when combined with other measures to ward off criminals, like strengthened windows and barbed wires on walls, can act as a formidable deterrent, keeping any danger at bay. Parking lot patrol at night can also prevent any damage to people’s cars. Thus, night patrol services are one of the best ways to prevent burglaries. 

Preventing Vandalism

People with the intention of vandalizing the business property often take advantage of the dark nights to leave their marks and cause damage. This vandalism not only can cost a lot in repairs but can also force businesses to temporarily shut down if the extent of the vandalizing act is large enough. Thus, proper measures are essential to prevent any vandals from making their way into the company area.

This is where night patrol services can play an important part. Through their regular patrol, the guards can ensure that no vandals are getting entry into the premises. Even if someone has gotten entry, the guards can stop them in the act and can minimize the damage by a significant margin. Thus, night patrol services are essential to preventing the damage caused to the company through any acts of vandalism.

Quick Response

Having someone present on the site to respond to any alarms or to the emergencies they themselves detect can be substantial in preventing harmful situations from escalating. Guards performing night patrolling services can effectively perform this duty as they are present on-site and can effectively respond to the activities of thieves and criminals before they cause any significant damage. 

Night patrol guards can also respond quickly to any alarms or cries for help from people. Whenever an alarm rings signaling criminal entry, the guards can quickly reach the area to assess the situation and stop the criminals. 

Getting In Touch With The Police

The quick response of the night patrol guards allows them to inform higher authorities like the police immediately so that they can neutralize any big dangers on the premises. Often time it happens that companies inform the police too late and the criminals have already fled the scene. Having night patrol guards on the site can effectively prevent this delay, as they can quickly spot anomalies during their patrols and can inform the police immediately about them.

The police can then respond quickly and reach the crime scene to catch the thieves red-handed and prevent their escape. This allows the company to confront the thieves and retrieve anything the thieves might be making their way with.

Protecting The Entire Neighbourhood

The duty of night patrol guards is not just limited to the company premises, but to the entire neighborhood. Guards patrolling during the night visit the accompanying areas of the company premises and keep a check on all the activity going on. The guards can also use security patrol vehicles to cover bigger areas in short amounts of time, and can quickly respond to any alarm to prevent any intruders from entering the area. 

The guards can take the help of the night patrolling security checklist to make sure they have covered all safety points and have made the area fully secure. Thus, night patrol services can effectively deter danger and keep the whole neighborhood safe. They can be the barrier between the peace of mind of people and any danger trying to destroy it. 

Cost Of Night Patrolling Services

The entire cost of night patrolling service can vary in different areas and depends on various factors like the range of coverage, the timing of the patrol, the number of security personnel employed, and the danger level of the area. But on average, the hourly rate for guards is somewhere between $30-50 dollars. Armed security guards usually charge more than unarmed ones, and the use of security vehicles can further add to the overall cost. 


  1. Why are the police are patrolling at night?

Police patrol the streets at night to deter crime, keep the activity of thieves and criminals in check, and prevent people from doing any illegal activities in the dark of the night. 


Night patrolling services are one of the best ways to keep your company or business safe and secure during the night. By preventing intrusions into the company premises, keeping vandalism in check, protecting the whole neighborhood, and quickly informing the police in case of any emergency, night patrol services can effectively keep at bay all threats to the company and its people. These patrols are surely one step in the right direction to protecting your property.


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